poorly advice please?

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
have a bad case of tonsilitis, and am on antibiotics, have tried to stick to my shakes but they really sting my throat on top of that am feeling really light headed now too. Should I ring LT people? or has anyone else experienced this before? I'm quite weak too which is not helping!
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awwwww sorry to hear your not well hun! maybe you shouldnt be on your shakes till you start feeling better!.. you dont seem well at all. ring the LT people if you want to but honestly you know how bad your feeling so if you feel you need to lay off the shakes for a bit do it and see if you feel any better. hope you feel better soon xx


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Hi Mrs bee,sorry to hear your not well,
Just want to say last time i had tonsilitis i was'nt able to eat anything when it was at its worst(not on LT then)just lived on water,cool tea & night nurse & slept for england...I was thinking maybe you could split your shakes but add more water than usual it may help ease the stinging in your throat...hope this helps,i know how horrible it is...so take care,get plenty of rest & get better soon hun!!! Caz xx


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Hi Mrs Bee, hope you feel better soon.
If your antibiotics say take with, or after food, try just having some plain chicken or fish. This should keep you in ketosis, but provide the food needed to carry the drug to the appropriate part of the gut for best absorption. It probably doesn't matter so much if food isn't mentioned, but just give the chemist a ring and check with them. That should help you recover as quickly as possible. You want to feel as well as poss at Christmas!! xxxx


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Sorry to hear you are poorly, hope you feel better soon.

When I was on antibiotics I had them after a shake. Get plenty of rest and try to stick to the shakes if you can. If you can't have all 3 and need food stick to lean protein like fish or chicken.

Take care hun.



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Sorry to hear your not well. As well as the antibiotics are you taking paracetemol they should help with the pain relief. Get well soon:)