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Poorly and feeling sorry for myself :(


I will be a Princess!
Well I've got a horrible stinking cold and I'm so tired and feeling completely down in the dumps. It's week 4 back in school and so far I've had tonsillitis and swollen glands, a bladder infection, a horrendously bad back and now I have a cold :(:(:(

I'm so fed up of being poorly now - time to be well!

Anyways, I don't expect anybody to reply...I'm just having a bit of a whinge as I have nobody else to whinge to :cry:

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You know fillymum will be along to make you feel better soon enough.

In the meantime, virtual hugs from me (no real ones as i don't want your lurgy :)). Wrap up warm, make yourself some hot squash to soothe your throat & go to bed hun.

Feel better x


I will be a Princess!
Thank you both :)

Kasia - I also blame the horrible children for my bad back...I bent down to pick up a pen one of them dropped and my back just went! Lol!

I think having a whinge has helped me cheer up a bit, but then Bob Hoskins always did say (on the BT advert) that it's good to talk :)
Hi Sian, there's a lot of illness going around unfortunately, but you do seem to be picking up more than your fair share!

Perhaps it's because you've shocked your body so much by giving up smoking - if so, in the big scheme of things it's a small price to pay!

Hope you feel much better soon... xxxxx:character00264:
this forum is here to support each other, so a whinge is perfectly ok and allowed, hope you feel better soon.
I thought your immune system was supposed to increase when you quit smoking? God I hope it's not the other way round :-S
Hope you feel better soon. My lo seems to have come home with bug after bug since she started school.
I blame them blooming teachers! ;-)
When you give up smoking you do tend to get ill more easily in the short term. I think as your body is still trying to adjust to all the extra oxygen. But long term you don't catch things as much and you don't get as ill or stay ill as long. I gave up 18 months ago and in the last year I've had 1 proper cold.
I gave up 14 years ago and not had one bout of bronchitis since. I now only get two colds a year. But I don't think it's a magic thing that you give up and never get sick.

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