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    Hey everyone, I've bought some pork loin steaks today and I'm a bit stuck on what to use to marinate them. I'm having a BBQ tomorrow and I would like to use them but the problem is it won't just be me eating them and I have a fussy family.

    My parents don't like overly spicy food, so anything too hot is out of the question (Unfortunately for me because I love spicy food). I don't really like anything too herby and I'm not a great fan of lemon on meat so I'm a bit confused on what recipe to use. I've had a look on the SW website but nothings really standing out, so if anyone can help that would be great.

    Thank you
  2. Amyleigh89

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    Maybe chinese 5 spice? X
  3. bethlow23

    bethlow23 Well-Known Member

    Yeah that's a great idea thank you :) x
  4. bilsat

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    You could try this if you like!

    Pete’s Breaded Pork Loin (2014)

    Serves 2


    1Tsp Garlic salt
    1 Tsp Aromat
    1 Tsp Dried parsley
    2 Eggs
    2 1.5cmThick Pork loin (ff)
    2 Slices of stale 800g wholemeal bread (2 Heb/2=1 Heb or 6 syns per person)


    In a food processor, reduce the bread to breadcrumbs, put in a microwave dish & cook until crisp (about 5 mins)
    On a solid board, place the pork, cover with Clingfilm, and reduce in thickness to 1 cm by using a meat hammer or rolling pin.
    In one bowl crack the eggs& whisk, set aside.
    In another bowl add the breadcrumbs, garlic salt, Aromat, parsley & S&P
    Heat a large frying pan.
    Dip the first pork loin into the egg then the breadcrumbs, return it to the egg & dip again, and then into the breadcrumbs, then place into the pan, repeat with the other loin. Cook for about 5 mins turning from time to time, if you have a digital thermometer check the meat is cooked 150-160C.
  5. bilsat

    bilsat Really likes to cook

    Spicy breaded pork loin (Small).JPG

    This is the only picture of the pork loins that I have!

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