Got this from Debbie (Russian Doll)
Take 300ml of VERY hot water (but not boiling).
>Add a CD pack (toffee & walnut and vanilla both work really well)
>Mix it up with a blender as per usual.
>Pour into a bowl and then sprinkle about 2 dessertspoons of PH on top.
>Stir briskly with either a fork or a balloon whisk.
>At first, it'll go lumpy (and you'll think 'Oh crap!!') but keep stirring / whisking until it starts to go smooth and thicken.
>I like to sprinkle a little cinnamon on top of mine to give it a really 'wintery' taste!

And that's all there is to it!

Don't expect 'Scott Porrige Oats' - the consistancy will be more like semolina but very acceptable when you've got nothing else!

I don't add as much psyllium husks though - I found it too thick and goey. I add 2 teaspoons and mix in with a fork. It's quite runny but you can eat with a spoon and it's really filling.

You really need to experiment to get the consistency you like - add slowly and you won't waste a pack. Some people have a half pack!
Do you now where to get the husks / Cheapest is on the internet - Healthspan I think


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Thanks Anne Marie, I can't wait to try it just waiting for the husks to arrive, I ordered them on the internet yesterday.



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Thanks for the recipe. My PH arrived yesterday and I had lovely vanilla porridge this morning. Its very filling. I think I will try toffee and walnut tomorrow


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Mine arrive yesterday also :) .

I used a chocolate shake. 1st one was a mess and tried again. Tasted better than it looked brown (Phlem), sorry. Putting that aside, it was very filling and I'll definately make it again.



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i had my first porridge yesterday as well and it was lovely. i used toffee & walnut and it was devine! i really struggled to finish it (which is so so unlike me!) will be having it daily as my evening meal me thinks!

i know plenty of people say u shouldnt be enjoying the packs or making them like real food as it is our time to reflect on our over-eating etc. thats true...to a point. i do kinda look at it like a medicine.

however, I am using my time to reflect on why i shovel so much crisps/nuts/take aways and other crap into my system. i think we can be forgiven a bowl of 100kcal porridge :eek:

i for one would not be able to do this diet if i couldnt adapt it a little. i feel much more confident to carry on now that i know i can have something like porridge :D before that it was only the truffles i had to keep me going (which are also fab).