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Porridge without a microwave?


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You'll need to do it in a bowl over hot water. You mustn't cook it straight in the saucepan as it mustn't come into contact with direct heat :(

The bowl over a saucepan of hot water on the hob works well though :)


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sachet into a (heat proof)cereal bowl,
hot water (not boiling) from the kettle,
and mix it while it stands over a pan of boiling water for a minute?

then gobble up :D

lol, enjoy! But I believe that you can add boiling water to the porridge as it is made taking that into account.


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Hahahaha... this has been hilarious!!...

ok - here's what not to do...

bowl in saucepan - fine!
porridge mixed with kettle water - fine!

porridge into bowl - water poured over the side from the saucepan - Doh!! haha - ok, watery porridge - I can handle that..

ok, so now I have a hot bowl inside a hot pan... how the !%&! do I get this out??

hahaha -

so here I am, at my dining table with porridge in a bowl, in water, in a saucepan!

..I should be on that dinner party programme.. or masterchef!! hahaha - such a pro!! hahaha...

bon appetit!



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LOL. Don't think I would have done it that way :D

As I read it (though I can't be 100% sure...just 99% :D). Put a small saucepan of boiling water on the hob. Let it simmer.

Add 140mls of hot water (not boiling) to the porridge in a bowl. Fork the porridge, and put the bowl on the saucepan. You need a bowl larger than the saucepan so it sits on top rather like a lid would. There again, it could mean put the small bowl in a large saucepan, but I guess there's still some direct heat there :confused:

'Cook' for one minute. No more, no less :)

Have asked Linda if she can clarify this, but she's not around at the mo.


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Thanks for that Linda. I didn't know about boiling water. Knew cooking was taken into account. There ya go...live and learn


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blimey - you know you're on a good website when the experts can openly discuss the evidence base - I'm feeling more reassured by this every post I read!

(I'll keep playing with the bowls and pans til I get the combo right! :)


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