Step 1 Sole Source Porridge


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Does any one love porridge like I do?
Anyone have more thn one in a day?
Any problems with weight loss?
I LOVE the porridges. I actually have one for breakfast and another at dinner. No problems with weight loss. I am in Week 6 and I have lost 2 stone.
Only tried apple and cinnamon but it was lovely! Defo ordering more Wednesday x
I love the porridge, I have atleast one a day, I have apple and cinnamon or the original with a bit of chocolate shake mix mixed in,(chocolate ready brek)
Hi Lealou1

Great idea on the chocolate... I love the porridges, have one for brekki and one for lunch... never tried the original one, but will give it a go.. thanks for the idea
I tried the porridge once and I didnt like it at all.....:sign0137:
its not a fav of mine but im eating still .. tempted to have soup twice a day
I remember day one trying a porridge and it was awful... Roll round a few months and I started to think perhaps it was due to going through carb withdrawals/ getting into ketosis i hated them but alas, I still hated them!

I'd love to be able to pop one open for breakfast but for whatever reason I've never got on with them! :(
i swapped what i had left for soups,, i never want to have them again lol
Trying my first porridge for dinner tonight. Really dislike the powdery soup so far. Hoping porridge will be nice.