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  1. LVR123

    LVR123 Member

    Hi everyone

    This is my second day on Exante. I've tried to do this diet many times before, but only half-heartedly. I'm determined to stick to it this time, and have about 6 stone to lose (I know, wow)...

    I had 2 banana shakes and the curry yesterday, which all went down fairly well. I had porridge this morning and yuck! I LOVE normal porridge and usually have it every day, but this morning I had to force the Exante porridge oats down (while gagging I might add). I ended up leaving about a quarter, which I know I shouldn't do, but seriously I couldn't eat any more without being sick. I've got apple and cinnamon porridge to have tomorrow, I'm hoping this will taste a bit better.

    Does anybody have any suggestions on how to make the normal porridge oats more appealing? I was thinking I might just have to mix the pack with cold water and down it in one like a shake, does anybody else do this? (I don't want to sell them or bin them, I need to get through it!)

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

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  3. Meowimacat

    Meowimacat New Member

    Today is my first day and I had the porridge for breakfast. I really liked it! What was it that you didnt like? The consistency? I made mine with 150ml of water, and microwaved it for longer, stirring in between a few times then left it to thicken for a few minutes, it reminded me of readybrek! I think there is a recipe on here in the recipe section to make them into biscuits!
  4. LVR123

    LVR123 Member

    It was just the taste, just nothing like porridge! Ooh thank you, I will have a search for the biscuit recipe.

    I also had the hot cross bun bar and am just eating the blueberry pancakes. Pancakes are ok but wasnt keen on the hot cross bun bar.. everything just has a weird fake taste!
  5. Sammysmiles

    Sammysmiles Full Member

    I didn't like the porridge first time around but liked the biscuits. Definitely try that recipe x
  6. LVR123

    LVR123 Member

    Thanks very much, I will give it a go in the morning x

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  7. yoyoagogo

    yoyoagogo Gold Member

    I had the apple cinnamon porridge and did it on the hob with a whisk till it was nice and thick. It was ok - smelt nicer than it tasted. Didn't much like the hot cross bun bar apart from the fact that it lasted me most of the afternoon so I wasn't hungry, whereas today I had the toffee nut bar and loved that so ate it quickly and now I'm hungry again :(
  8. LVR123

    LVR123 Member

    I've stuck all the meals, porridge, hot cross bun bars and pancakes on ebay now. I had the mushroom risotto (well a mouthful) and it was just rank. I'm really disappointed as I love all the shakes & expected the rest of the products to taste as good! Once these have sold I'll order more shakes I think, I just thought having proper meals would make it seem less like I'm being deprived lol.

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  9. Rosey38

    Rosey38 Full Member

    Ah shame. The first risotto I had was pretty grim, i try again, soaked it for longer and added smoked paprika, salt and pepper and it was more edible. My first porridge was too runny, but managed to sort that. Think some just needs few attempts. To be fair all the other meals apart from the risotto ave been fine with a bit more seasoning. Have you tried any of the other meals?
  10. Nessa1980

    Nessa1980 Full Member

    I had my first porridge this morning and I use the term porridge very loosely but have to admit although not porridge it was palatable and quite enjoyed it. I had a small espresso coffee with it and that seemed to cut through the sweet creaminess really well. I am actually looking forward to my next porridge.
  11. LVR123

    LVR123 Member

    Glad you enjoyed it :) unfortunately I just couldn't bear the taste, I have since tried the apple and cinnamon porridge which I really like!

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