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Hey Guy's, visited my CDC today who gave me an Apple and cinnamon porridge to try.
I tried it this morning for my breakfast and it was really nice, not like normal porrdige but close enough, and i did not have to add sweetners because it was already quite sweet!! I just thought I would share this to let you know that this porridge is available, and unlike the shakes it has made me feel quite full.

Thanks for reading Tess xx
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S: 16st11.5lb C: 16st11.5lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Yea, i think the smell made it taste beter lol :)


i think its gorgeous and could eat it all day long... if i was allowed lol


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I made the a&c porridge up - then added a tablespoon of fruits of forrest shake - and blitzed it with blender and it tasted like apple and blackberry.

Purple Hugs

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Will hope my CDC has porridge in next week when I see her then! :)

Well done everyone on your losses! :)


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I have just got back from cdc with 16 packs of plain porridge lol!! don't like the A&C one though! Lovely and warming yummy


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Wow, now tried both porridges. I love them especially the little lumps :)


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I am sorry, but I tried it and hated it. I didn't give up with one mouthful, I did eat it with cinnamon but when I got to the end I felt sick and didn't enjoy the texture at all. All weird especially as I love normal porridge very much.

I am obviously too fussy..............:sigh:

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I'm with you busybee... i couldn't take it, tried but it's not for me....

Horses for courses or summit like that!


i tried the porridge and i thought it was awful. ive tried it twice now and it didnt get any better. i enjoy normal porridge (when im not on a diet) and was really looking forward to being able to have porridge but its just plain yuck.

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Porridge is ok - I have to be careful I don't overheat it and it explodes in the microwave! Not for every day but not bad!


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porridge is lovely uhmmmm every morning i run to it as soon as i open my eyes (& brush my teeth:D).......