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On day three now and am doing ok. Felt terrible last night but am feeling much better today.

I usually just make the porridge with hot water and not bother to microwave it does it make much difference? I don't have a microwave at work so haven't had chance to micro it. I usually have it at breakfast time.

Didn't like the leek and potato soup but have liked all the shakes so far.

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Yes, you need to mico to cook the product. I find after micro for 30 seconds and then leave it a minute or so the oats are more chewy and larger so you feel like you are gettin something and it's actually quite filling. Mind U - if i'm hungry i do have 2 packs at once xx


Taking one day at a time.
Me too!! Love the skin on top. Let it go a bit cold - yummy!!
Me too...love the skin, anyway as soon as you take it out of the microwave stir it up and leave it to stand and it's lovely. I make up two at a time as hubby is on CD too, I put both packets in the blender add warm water and blend it for a minute, then pour it into two bowl and pop each into the microwave for a minute. It comes out so much better blended. Hubby makes me do his as it comes out yummy. We quite often have it for tea too.:happy036:


Taking one day at a time.
Yes - good point. I always blend it with my whizzy - makes a huge difference. Am rubbish at blending it with a spoon.


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Will have to give the blender a go tomorrow morning then, mind you it was tasting pretty nice with just the spoon. Does anyone know if cinnamon is allowed? I think just a sprinkle on the plain porridge would be nice - I think cinnamon is made from the inner bark of the cinnamon tree. anyone know?
Lol, thought i was the only weirdo who likes the skin on the porridge! It reminds me of making a trifle and peeling off the skin from the custard when its cooled and eating that. Bliss.......


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I whisk with a fork before microwaving for 40 secs then adding a little more water and pouring into a dish - I have to eat it really quick because I don't like the skin!

Does anyone find the apple and cinamon one is slightly more runny than the regular one? I like the lumpy bits, gives a bit of interest


Look! A shiny thing!
For me, lump distribution is about the same for both flavours :) The skin on top brings back memories of school dinners - a well known fact that schools used to be able to cultivate a skin on anything hehe
I love the porridge so much thats pretty much all i have for this week, apple and cinnamon for break fast and plain for lunch, got some bars for night times as OH still eats what he wants mostly so it makes me feel like im treating my self.

i use cold water to mix and find this makes it alot sweeter? maybe its cos using hot and micro for a min over cooks?
When i tried the porridge it was horrible, running and tasted like water and flour... maybe i didnt do it right. I'm certainly going to try a blender idea... will have to pick one up again.


I have recently discovered the porridge options and i must say i love both of them. I don't have a micowave - to much temptation down the ready meal isle in the past:))) - it had to go!. I make mine by heating it up in a pan - after stirring it up first -It still thickens up. I also put make it with 200mls of water not the 140ml that it recommends - it goes a bit futher:).

Good luck:D
Still not impressed! I ate porridge every day before starting cambridge, maybe that's the problem. I'd rather just have a shake. Have contacted my CDC and she is dropping some new packs of soup and shakes for me tomorrow.

I get weighed on Tuesday so will be able to choose better next week. I'm not overly keen on the leek and potato soup neither. Otherwise everything else is quite nice.

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