Porrige - i get what all the fuss is about!

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  1. leeds123

    leeds123 Silver Member

    hi - i have been putting off having my porrige sachet which my CD has been encouraging me to try. read some posts on this forum (thank you) and made it with 200mls of water and 1 sweetener, blended and then microwaved for 1 minute. I was amazied.

    it actually tasted of porrige and there is no aftertaste. if you have read any of my posts this week you will know that the first 3 days i was gagging on the soups and was gonna give up bit then my CDC sent me some swaps and i have been fine with the hot choc.

    I am not a porrige person and don't usually ever eat it but i am well impressed. the only thing i didn't like about it was that it is a bit like eating baby food so i will blend it less tomorrow. oh, and when i put in the microwave after 50 seconds it exploded so it went all down the sides of the bowl. still managed to salvage most it. am SO chuffed as everyday i am finding CD easier and now in addition to my hot choc/hot toffee i now have porrige and soon bars as well. this is becoming less of the liquid diet i had dreaded and more manageable. will eating these variations of hot choc/porrige/bar a day make me lose less weight?

    have a few questions:-

    1. as the porrige contains oats will this knock me out of ketosis?
    2. how can i make is less like baby food? shall i not blend at all and just mix with spoon before putting in microwave?
    3. how can i make it without it exploding in the microwave. wanna take it to work but not if it ruins the microwave!

    ps - any other tips re the porrige most welcome. it felt like i was having a proper meal.
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  3. spooky

    spooky Banned

    1) shouldn't knock you out of ketosis, however if weight loss slows down have less. A pack every couple of days or something.
    2) just whisk with a fork before putting it in the microwave
    3) stir halfway through cooking

  4. kel78

    kel78 Full Member

    Hi hun so glad you found something you like i'm the same hate the soups but huge porridge fan! Had it with a sprinkle of choc in it this morning which i think alot of people like so you could try it i thought it was minging tho and wont be doin it again xx
  5. shazzy

    shazzy Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Hello spooky can I ask you a question? I am on my first week on SS and my CDC said I was allowed to have the porridge straight away, so have been having one for breakfast now on day 3. Is this Ok, should I not have had porridge till later in the programme. Must say I love it and am finding it easier to deal with the no food thing because of this. Also another question, I have been sprinkling Cayenne Pepper in my soup will this affect the diet?.
    Thanks for your help
  6. Kippaxmum

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    Hi Leeds,
    I have found that by making my porrige with 150 mls of water and blending slowly with a fork reduces lumps and makes it more like porrige. If you do make it with 200ml water & blend it, it will be like babyfood lol. try making with slightly less water & using a fork.

    I have also found that by cooking it in a deep cereal bowl it might 'rise' but hasn't exploded yet. Perhaps get a splatter guard (you can pick them up in supermarkets like morrisons for about 99p) Also, about knocking out of K, I think it has been designed not to as you can have it from day 1 on SS but just see how it goes. Glad you have managed to find a combo you can 'do'.

    Good luck with 1st WI hun
  7. MR2_Owner

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    Ditto that! I tried choc on it and it was yukky, I did eat it but never again and I love the choc shake too.

    I do sometimes put mine in the blender, it is a lot smoother - i dont really like the lumps all that much, so baby food like is good for me.
  8. Bunnyg

    Bunnyg Determined

    I am so glad you like the porridge - I love it so much and it's so nice having extra choice! I make my porridge with just under 150ml water, stir it loads and loads with a spoon, microwave for a min, stir loads again, pressing the spoon to the bottom of the bowl to make sure the only lumps are oats and then add some cinnamon - YUM YUM!!!
  9. aislinn

    aislinn Full Member

    Porridge has been my saviour and I prefer it blended it reminds me of Readybrek…….Love it …..Love it …..Love it!!
  10. susieb

    susieb Full Member

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    I love the porridge,and I like the fact that it's really satisfying:).I'm sure this has helped stop me picking.I put a couple of drops of pure vanilla essence in it......yum!!:D
  11. spooky

    spooky Banned


    You can have Porridge straight away, Stick to one a day for the time being and keep an eye on your weight loss. The cayenne should be fine. :)
  12. LellyCD

    LellyCD Trying to stay healthy!

    hi leeds, mine has exploded a coupld of times in the micro, i found it was better in a deep plastic bowl that way it doesn't go over the sides, i don't blend it either cos i like the lumpy bits it makes it more chewy! have 1 every evening really love it!!
  13. flirty40greeneyes

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    I added a little summer berry water flavouring today - and loved it!

    Coffee powder also works!

    Also often make porridge up then mix a shake with enough cold water to make a paste and add that to cooked porridge. Mmmmmm - banana is my fav - but choc orange is nice too!
  14. saraian24

    saraian24 Gold Member

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    I have 3 bowls a day and love it and it didnt slow my weight loss down and I lost 5lbs this week on it exclusively and didnt knock me out of ketosis.
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