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portion control


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I'm having a thick day lol but you know the way you can things for free potatoes for example do you not have any sort of portion control over how much of a thing you have to eat. This is what i'm finding hard to understand on SW you can eat things for free as much as you like but surely there must be some sort of portion control or am i wrong
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as with all diets its things in moderation, eat until your full but not so full you cant move, and if you do get hungry later have something else to snack on
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Just cos its free doesn't mean we can eat ANYTHING FREE till we cann't move off the chair afterwards. Eat untill you feel you have had enough but if you are hungry when you start the meal remember that it takes 20mins for your stomach to realise that food has arrived, so try and eat slowly so you can get that full up feeling before the plate is empty. Maybe leave a little food on the plate too and if after half an hour you still feel hungry go back and have some more. Everything in moderation as they say. I find that looking at the quantities in recipes gives me a good idea of what a "portion" of something should be and use it a guide line. Sometimes I will look at food on the plate and think it wouldn't fill an ant up, but of course it does. Being greedy got where I am today so thats the habbit I have got to break and get used to "normal" portions. My mum always used to say to me that my eyes were bigger than my belly and she was right (frustraiting lol) but I wish I had listened and learned at the time. XXXXX


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The others above are correct but please don't fret about how SW works and why things are free in unlimited quantitie.
SW works. Fact. Yes, if you eat like a piggy until you are stuffed your losses will be slower, but I eat big portions and I lost weight successfully. Don't forget you are restricting other things like bread/cereals/dairy/syns. This is the reason you can have unlimited free foods - but it does say in the book to eat until you are satisfied and not for the sake of it.

I have the biggest jacket potato I can find in the shop, I have a mountain of pasta (eg if the recipe serves 4 it will probably serve 2 of us with a small lunch portion left over!!) - don't worry about it. Don't restrict yourself, just enjoy your food and eat until you are full. That's the only portion control you need on SW!


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S: 17st3lb C: 16st12lb G: 13st0lb Loss: 0st5lb(2.07%)
thanks guys that helps a lot. I know the saying well - your eyes are bigger than your belly i was always told that too lol :)


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I have no portion control. I just eat. last night I had my tea and was still hungry so chucked another kilo of spuds in the actifry.


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I think the idea is just to eat until you're full :) Don't stuff yourself silly, and don't leave yourself hungry. Eat when you need to with no guilt attached - what a FAB plan SW is :D xx


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i pretty much fill my plate up but once i feel full i stop. That's something i've learnt on SW in fact. if i don't feel very hungry i have smaller portions and then i can always have seconds if i fancy them!

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