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Portion Sizes

Hello everyone!

Has anyone cut there portion sizes down the further they have got to target?

I haven't been eating as much over the past few days because i haven't been overly hungry and i also think i have been eating too much which may be a reason for my slow losses.

I have WI tonight so i guess ill find out the results then but i only have a stone to go now and i dont think SW works effectively in terms of 'eat all of the free food you can' when you have less to lose.

What is everyone elses thoughts and experiences with this?

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I want to be fitter again
I do feel that as you loose weight your body needs less fuel to either maintain or loose weight but often this will be guided by your hunger and fullness as that changes too. Trial and error maybe the order of the day.
This is absolutely true for me! Move more, eat less. Yes we know SW works and when I was nearly 4 stone heavier I could eat loads and lose weight, because there was considerably more of me to fuel! Now I only want to lose 10 more lbs and just can't eat so much - but the main thing is that I don't want to either! Satisfy your appetite, that's what SW always say. I'm trying to take my own advice, because hunger and habits are 2 different things and sometimes I just feel like stuffing my face! :D
I think you have hit the nail on the head there The Petal!

Im eating purely out of habit as opposed to being hungry and because on SW you have a licence to eat freely then i guess im taking advantage of that. I'll re-asses what happens after WI tonight (in 10 mins!) and if i have had a good loss then its clearly down to the fact i have reduced my portions.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I always used to eat till I was full to busting! But now I regularly leave things on my plate! (trouble is OH thinks it's a green light for him to scoop it up! Sound familiar?) I remember when I did the Atkins diet :eek: I was surprised at how little protein it took to feel full!
Now my appetite seems to be under control , well most of the time!
Very similar! Now I'm smaller my appetite is less. It's simple as that! I can still put it away at times, but generally my portions are smaller and it takes less to make me feel full. And, I actually stop when I'm full rather than shovelling it in because it's there. Although I do still do that occasionally! Not a lot though.

I also find myself eating when not really that hungry, just out of habit. But, grazing is supposed to be good anyway - keeping your body burning fuel and your metabolism working, so I read somewhere. I'm usually grazing on free stuff, so that's not a problem but I'm definitely doing it because I think I *should* eat something rather than because I'm hungry. To be fair, I think the grazing might help me eat less at actual mealtimes, because I'm not ravenous and wolfing down whatever I've got!

I do worry a bit that I will need to reduce portion sizes to keep losing, but I think as long as I'm eating lots of superfree and I'm not hungry but not stuffed either...well...it should be ok! *hopes*
i think the closer you get to target, the less u eat anyways.. i think my tummys shrunk tbh! lol i dont portion contol intentionally at all, but i expect i proberly do eat less than i did a year ago when i first started.. x
oh wow well done you!! Doing EE or original or what? xxx
Back on red and green and eating smaller portions and more fish!

I put weight on doing EE so i have lost that plus more now im back doing what i know best. Im only going to use EE if im going to eat out in future - it just doesnt work too well for me - which sucks!!!!


Nojo on the YoYo
That's what i'm worried about with EE. I was thinking of only doing EE for 'going out' and things... I've done a whole week of it this week, we'll find out tomorrow how much damage i've done (if any)

But 5lbs in a week is awesome, well done matey!
That's what i'm worried about with EE. I was thinking of only doing EE for 'going out' and things... I've done a whole week of it this week, we'll find out tomorrow how much damage i've done (if any)

But 5lbs in a week is awesome, well done matey!
Thanks dude!

Good luck for your WI - if you put on at least you can be confident you will shift it again going back to what you know :cool:
Well i lost 5lbs this week!!!!!

The portion control has to be a factor so im going to continue to not eat as freely as i have been doing and rein in a little.
Well done, you must feel brilliant! :D

Hmm, interesting. I've lost a lot, but still have a way to go (started off 10st + overweight), but I've been wondering lately if I need to reduce portions a bit now. Think I might give it a try till the end of the month and see what happens.
Well done! That is brilliant. I always find upping the amount of fish I eat does help get the extra lbs off too.
I'm the same as you and probably still eat the same portions I did when I was 6st heavier. I was thinking of this last night when I was dishing out our pasta & sauce for dinner. We normally have a pack each and I put 3 big spoons on my plate and remember thinking - oh that seems like plenty for me but continued to divvy it up half for OH and half for me and ate the lot anyway!

I don't really have a 'switch' when it comes to being full, etc so I tend to eat whatever's on my plate. I think this week, like you, I will try and be a bit more conscious of my portion sizes and think about them whilst dishing up.

Well done on a FAB loss!!!!


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Hey 5lbs is amazing well done!!

I don't portion control deliberately (having already lost about 20lbs). But I noticed I was eating less naturally, and now instead of having pasta (for example) out of a big pasta dish, I use standard cereal bowls for things like that... So I eat less now than I did without really meaning to lol. x
Nope, I never did! Yes, I eat less now than when I was heavier, when I think of the amount I'd eat from the chinese on my own, I eat less than half of that now!

I reduced my syns down to 5 for the last few weeks, did lots and lots of sucess express which I guess reduces portions but only of the protein or carbs and I piled up the superfree foods. I only snacked on superfree foods too and tbh, I still do that now. I made the decision to use smaller bowls and plates when I started losing weight and I've always used them since.

I don't think you need to consciously reduce the sizes, it just happens.
5lbs in one week!?? Whoop Whoop!!!! I'm very impressed! you've spurred me on for my weigh in on Monday. Are you still doing loads of exercise too? I'm inspired.

Been thinking more about this today - they say your stomach is about fist sized and I think about that sometimes as I dish up too much food on my plate...If I really only need to eat a fist size amount, then that's really all i should eat.

Also it takes about 30 minutes for the food to get down to your stomach and for your brain to then tell you that you're full, so maybe its also about giving yourself a chance to feel full before shovelling more in like I do?

These are just my musings. I'm off to eat a huge plate of eggs, chips and beans now. yum.

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