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  1. camavamax

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    Hey all!

    I am 8 months pregnant with my 3rd baby. Before falling pregnant I was a Slimming World member and successfully lost 5 stone and kept it off for several years until now.

    I began to get quite bored with Slimming World and after a pal of mine left and joined Weight Watchers and raved about it, I thought I would join after baby is born. I love the idea of eating "ordinary" foods; Mc D's without ruining your day!

    My question is, how easy is it to follow? With SW there was hardly any weighing or counting and that really appealed to me. How do you find the new plan and can I do it while breastfeeding?
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    Hi camavamax! I'm an ex-slimming world user, as are my mum and sis and we all prefer WW.

    You can join a class once your baby is 6 weeks old. You can follow the plan whilst breastfeeding - I am still feeding my son who is 7 months. Talk to your leader about your additional point allowance, on ProPoints you get 14 extra points a day for exclusive breastfeeding, 7 a day if you are breastfeeding with formula top ups or solid food. They also recommend you have at least one serving per day of 'healthy oils' and several servings of dairy products to support your body's nutritional needs whilst feeding. As a breastfeeding geek I'd say to be sure that your milk supply is well established and you are feeding without problems before starting to diet!

    I actually find WW easy to follow, and yes, whilst there are more things that need to be weighed/measured than with SW, it's not onerous. I keep a little digital scale on the worktop and it just takes 2 seconds to weigh things. Many things can be pointed in spoonfuls or in units (1/2 can, 1 sausage, etc) so you don't need to always weigh.

    I find it so much easier now, say, grabbing lunch on the run - I can point a sandwich with my pocket calculator just by looking at the nutritional info whereas finding out Syns was a pain in the arse, especially if it wasn't listed on the website and you had to phone them!
  4. Mags12

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    I can't advise on the breast feeding issue but I tried slimming world before as well and seriously over indulged. I find WW to be better in terms of portion control and controlled amounts definitely work better for me. It takes a while to get into the mindset of weighing and pointing (I'm learning as I go on the new PP plan) but all in all I do think it's worth it, for me it's the mentality as well of knowing that I have more control over the choices I make, I'm learning consciously what foods are better, working out how to get more for my points etc and above all enjoying it :)

    Not to knock SW by the way, I know it's worked for loads of people, just that I took free food to the limit I think and therefore it wasn't ever going to work for me.
  5. camavamax

    camavamax Full Member

    Thank you! I will definately give it a go.

    I know what you about the free foods, its easy to get carried away. x
  6. Pearl77

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    I've always done SW too but got to the point where I could eat a whole packet of pasta and still be hungry, surley that's not good for you! But saying that I have a friend you has lost 6 stone and another who has lost over 10
  7. camavamax

    camavamax Full Member

    You see, this is the thing. As I say, I lost a heck of alot of weight with SW, so from that perspective I can't knock it but there is no incentive to eat fruit or veg. I would sit and eat a massive bowl of chips or pasta with butter and cheese. It was free food do it made no difference.

    They do have the Extra Easy plan now which is better of fruit and veg but I found I gained weight on it.

    I am going to give WW a try, the more I read about the new plan, thr more I like the sound of it.
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