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possible vitamin lacking?

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Hi there

I've got a bit of a strange question but wondered if anyone could shed some light on it. Since starting SW I've developed a terrible itch in the bottom of both my legs, it's not a rash although the skin looks slightly dry. Could something be lacking in my diet to cause this? I've never had it before and it may just be co-incidental in terms of starting after starting SW or could it be related?

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I havn't got a clue I'm afraid except I wonder if you're drinking enough water? Have you started eating something new you could be alergic too?
Maybe just try some moisturiser..


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My skin has been much drier since joining SW and I'm suffering on my lower legs in particular. I have quite sensitive skin so have been buying big pots of aqueous cream from the pharmacy (it's only a bout £2 and lasts ages even if you slap it on like mad!). All the cold weather we've been having probably hasn't been helping though so hopefully once it warms up our skin will improve a bit.


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If you are doing extra easy try some oily fish as that will give you some good essential oils,


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Funny you should say that, I had that last weekend / beginning of this week. Very specific band round both calf area of both legs. I bought E45 itch relief cream which seems to have done the trick (unless it was going to go away anyway). The strange thing was, that those bits of my legs didn't look particularly dry - certainly no more than the rest of my poor, tired old body does at the moment.
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It may not be something your lacking as the chances are you are eating more healthyily than you were before but as someone else suggested, it could be something you've introduced into your diet that you might be sensitive to.
Can you think of anything you are eating now that you weren't before?
It might be a process of elimination to find the culprit.
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do you eat quorn and mushrooms?someone was saying that some people were developing a sort of allergy to these foods which caused itching but that was in warmer areas.you would have to search the thread for the correct info
S: 15st11lb C: 11st6lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 4st5lb(27.6%)
Hiya, thanks a lot for the advice guys. I can't think of anything specific that I've newly introduced to my diet but it's 100% healthier than my previous diet- which was very high in fat and sugar.

I'll give the oily fish a go this week Brightonerosie, good way of getting good fats and I love fish :)

Will also give the creams a go too, no doubt the cold weather hasn't been helping things.

Thanks guys x

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