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possibly starting tommorrow


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Hi all was on here a while back asking about exante but never really got into it but im thinking of trying again as ive got lots of packs to use. Im at the end of my tether with diets and need something thats going to work! ive been trying for 4 weeks now and lost 7 pounds my first week since then NOTHING im so upset. I firstly tried cutting calories and eating very small meals and lots of walking and i was then told i wasnt eating enough as my body went into starvation mode? so i was told to up my calories from 700 - 1000 and carry on with the excercise, ive done this and now ive put on 2 pounds?!! im not gaining muscle as im only walking and ive not done enough of it yet to be gaining muscle. So im going to give exante another go, i am worried i wont lose as when i did 700 calories of eating i wasnt losing but got to give it a go! im 5"10 and want to lose 2 1/2 stone do you recommend me having 3 or 4 packs a day or should i do 3 and a small protein meal? not really sure what to do, is there much differance in weight loss? any advice welcome! not expecting loads of loss every week but something would be nice! if i dont lose on this there must be something wrong with me, although what I dont know as ive had my thyroid tested and thats normal :(
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You can only give it a go! And hey 7lbs is great, thats half a stone less your carrying about. As to choice of diet plan, the more relaxed a diet you choose the less you will lose each week, but you will lose :D. The thing about these diets is its all nutritionally balanced so it controls things like carbs and stuff, these may have been effecting your weight loss when trying to do it yourself as its all hard to control. Sneaky carbs!! Give it a go, you've got nothing to lose but weight:8855:I know sorry:rolleyes: plus keep on the forum as you know we'll all support you, keep you motivated and pick you up when your down:). Hopefully see you posting losses soon xx
Good luck, this is working for me, I'm not cheating and I don't feel hungry!


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thanks for the support means a lot and will keep posting on here! are you having any food or just having the packs? ive only got soups and shakes at the minute as all the bars got eaten by rest of my family when i stopped doing it! cant afford to buy anymore at the minute which is a shame as they are really nice! cant decide whether i should do 2 packs and a small meal?
Hey Bubbles...go for it! I'm only on my second week and I'm hoping to lose around 2 stone before July, and although I had a terrible day on Monday, things are going good. I'm on three packs a day, usually two shakes and a bar but everyone's different. Lexyell is right...the forum is great for keeping you motivated. Stick in!



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welcome bubbles, if like me your fed up with diets and want fast results then perhaps the total plan may work better for you ! I found that taking thinking about food out of the diet took all the stress away, I am not saying its easy in the first week but you do get results. whatever you choose good luck
First of all, stop and breathe... it's only a diet. Calm now? ;)

Right - we don't know what's 'wrong' if anything, either - we're not medics or psychics! However we can offer the benefit of personal experience.

I think the 'starvation mode' thing is largely cobblers, and generally espoused by those with a financial interest in you losing weight slowly. any diet will temporarily and very slightly dent the metabolism, and you will have a lower metabolism after dieting, but the simple fact is you weigh less. Also, some people lose weight in fits and starts. I do. There is another thread about that very subject.

You may have been on 700 cals, but there's every possibility your maths was a bit out (happens to all of us), or there may have been things you forgot to add to the list. Having something pre-packed and pre-counted will set your mind at rest.

Also, unless your 700 cals were proper low carb, you wouldn't have had the benefits of the other aspects of this interesting diet.

How many packs is determined by your starting BMI. It's all in the booklet. Most of us get by perfectly well with three. If your BMI is under 30, try two packs and a small protein-rich meal.

Erm, was there anything else? :)


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i didnt say you were medics or psychics just asked for some advice? and yes it is only a diet but when something means so much to you and your giving it 100% to not get any results is quite upsetting thats all.
I hear you bubbles !! it is such an emotional subject for me and I get very unhappy with my weight and the diet at the moment is all I think about lol we are all different and all take things in different strides, just go with the flow and listen to your body if you stick to one of the solutions you will lose weight it just depends how quick you want it and how busy your life is, keep coming here for support you will get it.
Bubbles...I sympathise, its hard this dieting lark but it will be worth it in the end.


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