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Post-holiday OMG moment!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Alice90, 26 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. Alice90

    Alice90 Member

    Hey everyone

    As you can see I've not been a member of slimming world for long so when I booked a week in Crete I followed the advice in the summer booklet and decided not worry too much and to not try to follow the plan 100%.

    Had I known what would happen maybe I would have done differently!

    I've come back and had a cheeky look on the scales and I've put on EVERY POUND I had lost before! Devastated doesn't even cut it.

    I've learnt my lesson but someone please tell me it's worth continuing with the plan. I can't bear going to weigh in on Thursday. How can it be so easy to put on weight?!

    Sorry for the rant! Feeling so disappointed. :( xxx
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  3. S_J_B

    S_J_B Gold Member

    Did you have a fab holiday though?

    Drink loads of water, eat well with loads of speed & superspeed foods for next couple of days & go to class on Thursday.

    You know you can do this :D
  4. Elanor

    Elanor Silver Member

    Stick with the plan :) You will soon lose what you have gained, and then you lose some more! As S_J_B said, lots of water and superspeed foods, maybe try Success Express. Don't beat yourself up over it, you hopefully had a lovely holiday, we all need to enjoy ourselves.
  5. Dance Mum

    Dance Mum is now racing to the 14's

    It will come off don't worry & I'm sure you had a great holiday. Like the others said drinks lots of water & eat lots of superspeed & I swear by drinking a few cups of green tea too. I like the variety with lemon rather than the plain one. Its definitely worth continuing though. Good luck x
  6. Als71

    Als71 Full Member

    Our hols are precious and we don't have enough of them. Hopefully you had a fab time.

    Won't change anything if you beat yourself up now. Best put your energy into getting back on plan. There'll be plenty of members at group who've felt like you do and if you don't go this week you might find the "holiday mode" carries on (speaking from personal experience anyway) making it even harder to go back. How soon did you weigh? Bet it comes off quick once you've had a few days eating well again.

  7. Alice90

    Alice90 Member

    Thanks everyone for the tips and support. I had a fabulous holiday. I just need to get back in the zone!

    Had a decent day today think I will be re-inspired at group if I pluck up the courage to go xx
  8. CCRM

    CCRM Full Member

    The other thing is a lot of people find that weight that goes on fast also comes off fast (not as fast as it went on admittedly) - one of the ladies in our group went on holiday and came back 9lb heavier - in 2 weeks she lost 8.5lb of it
  9. Tubby&Chubby

    Tubby&Chubby Full Member

    It's ALWAYS easy to put on weight but harder to shift it!!

    Plenty of water and exercise.....

    And stick to the plan! Good luck! x
  10. Doddsy

    Doddsy New Member

    I haven't been on holiday but have been off with the kids for a couple of weeks and I have completely fallen off the wagon! I'm going to a wedding on 13th September and my goal is to lose 7 pounds by then, hopefully I'll get back in 'the zone!' x
  11. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    I've never seen the booklet, and I can't believe it says that!!!

    No wonder you're devastated, I would be too. but it is too late to worry about it now, as the others have said plenty of water & superfree before WI may minimise any gain.

    Of course SW is worth continuing with you lost weight initially didn't you? You'll get the excess off again, just put it all behind you and do your best;)
  12. CCRM

    CCRM Full Member

    That's not quite what it says - it says think about your journey so far, what normally happens on holidays and events and how confident you are about slimming

    The ignore it says only do it if you can hope with gaining up to 10lbs and going straight back on plan, if that will knock your confidence don't do it

    The flexi syns is another option and stick with your usually plan is the third
  13. petal1978

    petal1978 Full Member

    I would go to your meeting as i used to miss meetings when i gained and ended up doing more damage in the long run. My advice is go get weighed and then you know where you stand and put a line under it and start afresh. just keep going and do not give up i am determined to carry on no matter how bad it is this time around. Good Luck xx
  14. lou1978

    lou1978 Full Member

    I have had 3 holidays this year and put on at each one which was really disheartening. However I got straight back on plan after each one and weighed in at the first opportunity which was often a different class, and first holiday gained 1 lost 5 the next week, Second holiday gained 4 1/2 lost 5 1/2 the week after, third holiday gained 7 1/2 lost 10 the next week which was a huge surprise. I have recently got back from another holiday and was not able to weigh in but got back on track 100% so am hoping that my weigh in tomorrow isn't too awful (too scared to get on my own scales). You just need to enjoy your holidays and know/trust that if you get back on plan it will work.
  15. jen3

    jen3 Silver Member

    I call it "jelly fat"!!
    You have to get it straight back off before it has time to set lol

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