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Post Holiday Weigh in... Absolutely THRILLED!

Well, I am over the moon! I have just come back from my RTM weigh in, after being away three weeks - in the great land of FOOD (USA) ;) - and I have only gained 3 pounds!! :bliss:

It's my first gain since I started LL in January last year, and I am as excited about that as I am about all my losses! I managed it! I had been getting very nervous leading up to tonight, and was preparing for bad news, as old habits would have one do - and was absolutely over the moon that I had gained 3 pounds, which is what I said before the trip I expected to gain.

So, yippy!!!!!

It's working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Have a good night everyone!!!!

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Staff member
Well done BL that is a wonderful result!


Really enjoyed looking at your holiday photos!

Love Mini xxx
wELL DONE California Babe............

I saw you this evening and you looked radiant and in love , colourful, jaunty :talk017::talk017:and slim.
Congratulations on staying in control in the land of plenty at Thanksgiving, with your in-laws and in the bosom of your family!!
What a girl.
Aw, I love you SB! Thank you SO much.....

ANd speaking of who looks hot....ladies and gents - you should've seen our lil' SB tonite! Lady - you rock!!!! :D You look amazing!!! I cannot belive how much you have transformed just in the three weeks I have been away!!!! Amazing!!

So, now - I hope you are busy typing a new thread as I am bursting to shout out a great big congra <slaps both hands over mouth so as not to spoil anything> smjhshjdtions. :D :D :giggle: :giggle:

Cherry Plum

One day at a time
Well done BL you are an inspiration to us all.
Morning LS!

I think the gain was more Latte's/Cappucinos which were the one luxury I allowed myself on thr trip. We had A LOT. :giggle: Whenever we go on road trips, we become caffeine junkies! Problem is - you drink coffee - soon you have to stop at and find a loo, so you do, and where there is a loo, there is more coffee! :D

This is my "trigger" week where I introduce REAL carbs ;) (Pasta, Ppotato, rice) so I can't really blame it on glycogen!!

Just means this week I need to be mindful, and try to get a bit more - ok a BIT - of exercise in! lol

It is surprising how many foods do have carbs - I always thought just the stodgy ones did, as your friend did before LL.

Have a good day!!

lol - honey - I have a sore neck EVERY day. (and unfortunately, the condition now appears to be presenting itself on the right side as well.....bugger!) That's the problem with Chronic pain - it just never goes away. If I used that excuse, I'd get nothing done and never leave the house! ;)

So wil have to get creative and think of new excuses! Like, erm, my dog ate my trainers? :D (nevermind I don;t have a dog!!) :D
Well done- that is a massive achievement!
Sarah x
THanks ladies. I really am chuffed. :)

I must admit, while I knew I was good with the few exceptions I allowed - it was really scary being the first time out since being back on food, but it is a relief to know, that all we learn in Devel. & Found. really can work! Phew! Not saying it won;t require an effort, maybe even forever though I do hold hoe it become a more natural instictive behaviour - but at least we can take heart in knowing it can work when applied!

SOmething for you both to look forward too! :)
Thats fab :) and glad you had a good holiday :).

Emma xXx

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