Post-weigh in treat?


Dear all,

Just wondering how many SWers treat their weigh-in night as no man's land, and have a treat before getting back on it the next day? Came across a thread about doner kebabs and am having a serious craving. Do you do it, and if so, how often, and what do you treat yourselves to? Do you try to limit the syns, or do you forget all about the syns for one evening?

I was thinking maybe I would allow myself to do this once a month, or once a fortnight, but not sure if it's a good idea, or the start of a very slippery slope.....
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I sometimes have a small treat but I am pretty careful most of the time because I'm afraid it will come back and bite me in the bum if I'm not careful!! I think it's because I'm usually really hungry after class because I haven't eaten a big meal all day BECAUSE I'm weighing so it is very tempting I must admit!!!XX


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A lot of people do have a treat on WI day, and it works for them but our consultant said something on Wednesday which is food for thought...
She said "Remember that you have weighed for this week so anything you eat from now, not tomorrow, until next WI will show on the scales!"
I have always treated WI as just another day.


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i have a treat after wi and then get back on the wagon the next day!
hasnt done too much damage yet, but when it does, i will cut back or stop it.



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For me, the only difference on WI night is the fact I have a later dinner. I normally have dinner for 17.00, but I weigh at 1830 so have a later dinner when I gt home.

Breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks all the same as any other day.

And if I fancy a treat, I have it anytime. I use my syns and do it on-plan.

My treat is actually DURING weigh in, when they tell me I have lost weight!


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I treat it as any other day on plan, and only have my 10 syns.

When I did WW years ago after every WI I would go to the shop and fill my basket with treats and I never lasted longer than 3 weeks, for me its just not worth it so I dont :girlpower::angel09:


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I have only just started slimming world by my friend who got to target would actually have 10 syns a day and 35 extra after weigh in so she got her "treat". 35 usually was more than enough for her treat and was "technically" in her weekly allowance of syns. She still does this, but sometimes changes the night, if she has a party or something.


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I used to do this on previous diet attempts in the past, but this time I really feel different about it

I now feel that eating more than normal after WI means I am starting the next week with a hurdle to climb before I even start. I have to lose the weight gained from my 'treat' before making any dint in the rest of my extra weight....... why make life harder for yourself in the long run?


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No, I don't do it. I can treat myself (and do!) anytime within my syn allowance, so WI night is no different. It's not as if it won't count, so why start the new week in a bad way?


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I agree with the fact that you can have a treat within your daily allowance.. I usually have 10-15 syns which is more than enough for something small you fancy :p Take away wise.. I wouldn't personally risk it, because when I fall off of the wagon it tends to happen soooo badly that I usually dont get back on but maybe it will work with you... If you can just have that one evening then get straight back on track next day xx


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I don't have a treat that's not counted. I have about 25 of my syns for the week after WI though.


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OK, maybe 'treat' is going over the top a bit!! Usually a Hifi bar or something similar, and it's always within my syn allowance! As I said I am careful because I'm afraid it will show the following week at W/I!


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I Used to have a treat after WI,,, but then it made me go off the wagon, so my treat for evertime i loose is im going to buy a charm for a bracelet, and see my success through that :)


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Any other diet I've been on I've always treated myself after WI as I've been so hungry!

I've not so far with SW, even when I put on that 0.5lbs for no reason last week - I didn't reach for the dairy milk!


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Many times I have tried to diet in my life . I always used to eat loads after WI I never ever got to goal only very close . This time I am not doing it I am staying within my syns at all times .


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i ate a bag of kettle chips and a £1 bar of galaxy for my dinner after weigh-in this week. that's very tame compared to what i used to eat after weigh-in but it never affected my losses in the past....i used to lose between 1lb and 5lbs a week.

i will have a treat after weigh-in each week and i won't count the syns but i am going to try to make better a chinese takeaway rather than crisps and chocolate!