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Post Xmas start up..

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Loves weight.. training!
Hi girls,
I was wondering if there are any other people 'looking' to start after xmas?
I know it's a bit of a cop out, but I am 38 weeks pregnant tomorrow and looking to start dieting through SW as it can be done while Breast feeding. :D

I haven't done SW for quiet some time - I lost weight on Cambridge at the start of the year and fell pregnant! :cool::flirt2:So had to jump off the wagon!

I know I could have done SW while pregnant and did think about it but chose not to as i'd dieted for a few months was ready for a break really. I haven't been too awful though.

Anyway.. hope there are some others out there, perhaps we could have a start up thread / date in mind?

Should also say I'm veggie - so will be looking at Green days only.. not sure what the new options are and if they apply to veggies or not?
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You can start after you postnatal check the site says six weeks but I got the ok from my doctor at 4 I have lost 3 stone and it has not affected breastfeeding at all infact my son is 6 months and still a milk monster, make sure your consultant gives you the leaflet and you have your extra a and b choices but be aware too many a can cause problems I had 1 a and 2 bs keep hi fi bars next to the bed for night feeds and good luck
firstly, congratulations :D
Perhaps give yourself just a little more time after baby arrives just to settle into being a mummy before jumping into sw, just coz its a whirlwind time and harder to organise ur meals etc when ur up all hours etc. Also, just breastfeeding will burn off zillions of calories so if u eat healthily u will be on your way back to pre baby body soon anyway. Enjoy ur last few weeks with ur feet up xx

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Loves weight.. training!
Thanks both for the advice. :)

Well done Busy Mam on your weight loss! Fantastic - and doing well BF too.

I have a two girls aged 5 and 10, and have fostered till I was 5 months pregnant so am up for the sleepless nights etc! ;) but yes it does play havoc with your routine.

I didn't realise you have to wait for your 6 week 'check' - the website just said was ok in breastfeeding.

Will check out the options for more of A and B.. What were the problems too many A's can cause?

Am planning to give enough time for BF to settle down then start SW myself for a few weeks before going to a club. But perhaps should wait for MW / Dr's sign off first but aim to start healthy eating from 'plan' in a round about way. I have some old books.

Thanks for the tips. :) Looking forward to baby arriving and christmas of course.
I didn't realise you have to wait for your 6 week 'check' - the website just said was ok in breastfeeding.

Will check out the options for more of A and B.. What were the problems too many A's can cause?
It says 6 weeks on th faq section of the websiteQ:
Can I still come to Slimming World while breastfeeding?
A: Once your baby is 6 weeks old and you've had your post-natal check-up, you are welcome to return to your group, but we ask you to check first with your midwife or doctor. Your body needs extra energy and calcium while you are breastfeeding and we recommend you increase your Healthy Extra choices. Your Consultant will be able to show you the recommendations and booklet in your group
too much dairy can cause colic in a baby also its a myth that you need to drink milk to make milk you do need added calcium but there are many vegtable based sources

Also I think starting slimming world not long after the baby is born is a great idea, having had children previously breast feeding has never made my weight disappear despite feeding for over 14 months each time, plus it so easy to fall into bad habbits a hi fi bar while feeding is so much better than chocolate
Good luck for the birth and well done on being so determined to lose weight. Slimming was the last thing I was thinking of at 38 weeks preggers... probably why I'm here now and my son is 3 in January!

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Loves weight.. training!
Thanks for posting that Busy Mam - I couldn't find anything so did a diet profile which didn't mention the 6 weeks.
I'll wait - but do a 'sort of' plan and add in more cheese and veggies. Along with supplement for BF should cover all bases. :)

Thanks Chicky - am looking forward to baby arriving :) But am looking beyond at myself too. I have read that BF doesn't necessarily lead to weight loss, and need to keep my eye on it as I have a pony (a large one) who I want to ride in 2010 who is only able to take a certain weight - I'm over that at the moment but am carrying baby of course. Just can't afford to be complacement after xmas. lol 9 months 'off' is enough! lol

It'll be a busy year for sure! lol
Ha my 'baby' was 7 befor I got round to doing somthing about my weight. If you feel it is right for you and will make you feel more in control doing SW so soon after your baby is born I say you go for it and I take my hat off to you.

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
lol thanks Jo :)

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