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Potato confusion..... help!


Got To Keep Counting :D
Tonight im going to have some homemade mash.

I bought some maris piper potatos and its says 175g boiled 125cals

So i just weighed my potatoes, and im wondering will e potato be lighter when boiled? Therefore im allowed a little bit extra? Just cant understand it?

Sorry i sound so stupid:confused:

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I always wondered this myself and ended up asking someone and apparently those are the pre-cooked weights as otherwise you'll have no idea how to get that amount after cooking but before you've cooked it, if that makes sense! And you don't sound stupid, it's a valid question that loads of people wonder!
Mmm... that's a very strange way of showing the calories! No, it's saying that your 175g potato will have 125 calories once boiled. It you fried it it would probably have more.


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Yeah but from a starting weight of 175g is what I was saying
Some places do the same with pasta - dry weight but cooked calorie count. Others give both. I normally input it into a calorie counter to avoid the nutrition tables at the back.

Also, the potato won't be lighter due to the moisture it would've absorbed during boiling. One a side note, if you're worried about calories, a lower cal (and better for you version) would be sweet potato mash. I have never had sweet potatos, but I'm not a fan of mash, so I normally have carrot, swede and parsnip mash. YUMZ.
I think it will be heavier once boiled as it will absorb some of the water. I guess you would need to just weigh it after it has been boiled. Let us know the verdict! x


Slimming down the aisle
It makes sense that the calories are for the boiled product, but the weight to measure is the weight of the potatoes before boiling.
Yup, exactly. That way you know how much to weigh out to give you the final calorific content.
Another thing I've tried is boiled cauliflower and leeks, drain them well, pop them back on the heat to dry out the excess moisture for a minute, then pop them in a blender with a little half fat creme fraiche, and blitz them, the texture is like creamed potato and the taste is like a garlic mash potato, not sure of the calorie content will have to look it up and check it out, but it does taste like 5 star creamed potato :)

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