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pp for cookies

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In my shop book its says all cookies are 2pp for the pack!!??
think this is wrong hun sorry, best way to check is by getting nutritional values and using calculator i just did it on mine and comes out at 3pp
That does not make sense. Iv just checked on my calculator and it says 3pp. What if someone did not have a calculator and went by the books..it could make them go over there points!! Im going to ask my leader about this on wi!
apparently someone emailed ww about it and they said they were aware there were a 'few' mistakes... its in the eating out guide also mistakes everywhere even on the esource its ridiculous
Yes if you complain about the discrepancies (and there are a number... so far the worst I've seen is 15 points between a dish in the eating out guide and pocket guide, and 3 points between the same dish from the same restaurant on consecutive pages in the eating out guide), they just say that they are aware and tell you to use your calculator...
That's just stupid...i joined Monday night and for once i have actually stuck to the diet religiously. I will be so mad if it comes to weigh in and i have nothing to show for it. They should of had all the systems updated and correct before the new system went live!

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