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Powdered Toast Man
Aaaah theres nothing better than having a nice pooh after 6 days of not having one :D lol
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I had exactly the same thing a couple of days ago after I introduced bars into the mix, so yes it is them. Naughty but Nice!:devilangel:
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Ok so I don't mean to thread-jack, but my poo when it happens it completely horrible. Is that normal?


Goodbye Tum
poo and cd are a wierd combination. Mine are like rabbit droppings and cluster and block if I don't watch what I'm doing, I usually have one plopsy tablet twice a week, can't stand being blocked and fear for 'manual removal' xx
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I still manage to go at least once every 2 days although it's not very much when I do go. Funny really because before I started CD I quite frequently didn't go for 3+ days at a time!
LOL! i nearly passed out day before on the loo. I thought i was giving birth. Cambridge is fab on your waist but not so great on your bum sometimes lol. I remember the LL drink flavouring kept me on the loo for days though.


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Well my poo has a definate nasty aroma....and the wind.....If I eat a bar a day i go every other day. If I haven't gone by the 3rd I use a glycerin suppository and the earth moves! Senna etc doesn't seem to work, haven't ried the movicol, although thats what we would get prescribed at work, cos the suppo does it for me, and I can buy them at a chemist quite cheaply. Half the time all it needs is a little lube, rather than the senna! TMI!
I urge anyone constipated to try Movicol, get it on prescription, tall GP you use two a day and you'll get 60 for £6.85-bargain! It is great, really softens everything. I used to pooh twice a day, on CD I average once every other day which is very uncomfortable so I clear myself with movicol each day, it's much better.
Great News Im Not The Only 1 Suffering Lol

But Most Of U Are Not As Regular As Me Im Pooing Everyday More Than Once So Frustrating Hope It Calms Down As I Like The Malt Toffee Bar Lol


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i had the 'bum squirts' as my delightful kids call it, for 3 days after i started onthe shakes! god knows whats going to happen wen i move onto the bars..

hope its eased for u


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week 1 on shake and soup didnt poo till day 6

week2 got bars soups shakes and im pooping everyday about 3 times a day is this normal as it stings like hell lol:p:eek:
are the bars just a lump of laxitives

very embarressed pamx

You were allowed bars on week 2? My CDC said I wasn't allowed them until week 3.:confused:
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i was allowed the bars on week 2 too.. they dont make me poo though just give me wind.... my husks is the only thing that makes me go regular..

OP there is someone else on the boards that poops lots a day too... cant remember who it is though lol
My CDC said week three and she's a Nurse, very militant counsellor LOL!! ANd that stuff to flavour water, not allowed that til week three grrrrr!
I'm always poo-ing, its like thick tar, sorry, bit gross lol. Sometimes, usually when Im on the phone, I have to hurry to the loo because its there and i cant hold it, have to use lomotil to control it, not nice but would rather that and lose weight then be overweight. But I do have colitis which the CD has axcerbarated (dont think have spelt that right lol)
My CDC said week three and she's a Nurse, very militant counsellor LOL!! ANd that stuff to flavour water, not allowed that til week three grrrrr!