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PP's in today's dinner

I went out for dinner today with my dad (to the Hungry Horse). I have calculated what i think it is in PP's but can i have others advice on if they think this is right / what they would PP it as please as i'm still quite new to this ! thank you :)

For my Dinner i had the Classic Chicken New Yorker - i'm thinking about 20pp ??

I Worked out with help from the NI online that it's 27pp as per the menu but i had:
No chips (side of chips is 10pp) and had a Jacket Potato instead (Jacket Potato + Butter side order is 7pp but i didn't have the butter) - so i've said 6 for the Potato as it was quite a big potato ..... so taken 4pp off
so now down to 23 pp
but also removed the cheese and i removed the fat from Bacon
so took off the 3pp to make it an even 20pp.... it looked like a lot of cheese as covered the whole chicken breast and was running down the side of it and into the bottom of the dish so might have been more then 3pp's worth.

so basically what i ended up with was a chicken breast, a lean slice of bacon and BBQ sauce with a jacket potato and peas.

then for dessert we shared a Millionaires Candymania (between 3) - i'm guessing its about 15pp ??

A whole one is 39pp
however i didn't have any of the twix (it contained 2 fingers of it so that's - 8pp off to begin with)
also didn't have a sugar curl (so about 1pp each? saying 1pp for 2 as it will take it down to an even 30pp :) )
so 1/2 of 30pp = 15pp

baring in mind the ice cream / cream and sweets that were in it (after removing these) were still also shared between 3

i have tried to round it up rather then down to be on the safe side but does this sound about right to everyone else ?? would you make it any more ?

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do you live in basildon..laindon by any chance? lol ..... i went to hungry horse the other day and someone said that if im out and it doesnt have exact nv for food then to divide the calories by 40 and round it and it gives you the points value, if u go on hungry horse website thts where they have the calories. i had the chicken new yorker light bite and worked it out as 15 i think if i remember rightly
nope i'm in Colchester. :) ... the menu is the same in all of them thought :)

i read the divide calories by 40 thing but find on these i get 2 points lower from that then i do from calculating the NI (although the hungry horse's NI's don't have Fibre so i have to do that as 0)

e.g on the NI the Classic Chicken New Yorker (which i think is the light bite one as it wasn't the big plate one as that's 1841 kcal :eek: )

so its 982 kcal ..... which when divided by 40 comes out as 24.55 .... so 25 pp

where as when calculated:
Pro: 68
Carbs: 70
Fat: 50
Fibre: not there so 0

it comes out at 27pp

...... so i took mine from the higher pp's rather then the lower ones to be on the safe side :)



Oh the one i had wasnt that many calories it was about 900 i think x

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