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pre conception advice please...

Hi ya all,

me and hubby wanna start a family within the next few months, im currently taking multivitamins with iron, evening primrose oil and considering folic acid now too, but there is already folic acid in my multivitamin, should i take extra??? any tips on what i should be doin would be great (apart from the obvious!! u guys...) xx lol x;)
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Oh Tracie how exciting, little feet coming hopefully.

Cant help with any of your queries cause in my day it only required "laying back and thinking of England". LOL


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Good luck trying!! I just think don't worry too much. It will happen xx I have no tips, sorry!!
lol!!! haha!! that is a good tip though!! haha xx


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Hi, what's the %RDA of folic acid on your multi vits? If it's 100% then no need for any more but if not then I would take a supplement.

Other than that, eat well (which you are), relax and as you already know - do the obvious!!!
yeah it does say 100% on it, but the folic acid tablets i bought seperatley have 200% in???? im a bit confused as to what to do?


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yeah it does say 100% on it, but the folic acid tablets i bought seperatley have 200% in???? im a bit confused as to what to do?

Hope this helps

"The Department of Health recommends that women should take a daily supplement of 0.4mg of folic acid while they are trying to conceive, and should continue taking this dose for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, when the baby's spine is developing."
ahh thanks thats really helpfull, i shall check what the measurement is in my multi vitamin xx thanxx


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One thing that I did with both of mine, was to continue to take folic acid all the way through the pregnancy. My two boys were both born, healthy and intact, and we haven't had any problems with development etc etc.
Just my opinion
thanx chicken, will take all advice on board!! xx
thankyou x x x cant wait for holiday to start trying!!! xx

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Awww Huni, good luck!!!!
I took Folic acid all the way through my pregnancy too and Daughter was healthy.
Try not to get too stressed about it and have fun because the more stress there is on both of you to "perform", the less likely it's going to happen. Enjoy it rather than think you have to make a baby and let nature take its course!!

Lots of love xxx
Go out and buy something crazy that you can't really afford (plasma TV / new car etc). You'll get pregnant that month!!!!!

That was genuine advice from a nurse when I expressed concerns about not getting pregnant within six months. Tee hee!
haha really!!! we do need a new tv!! haha x x thanks for all your advice, will just let nature take its course, where better to be relaxed than the maldives!! woop woop!!


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Oh Tracie, how exciting for you. Ive only got the one boy but I love him more than anything. They are so precious, the best thing in the world and I know your will be loved dearly.
As for vitamins etc all I did was take a folic acid supplement and then as long as your eating healthy, fresh veg, fruit etc you will get all you nutrients from this.
Oh by the way, I was so excited and keen when we started trying that I bought an ovulation prediction kit!! What am I like eh? Bloomin worked though, lots of love and good love huni xxxxx
ahhh am sooo excited!! hehe x x thanx for the advice xxxx
ahhh have another one lol xx

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