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I need your advice and help! New to this!!

Hello all,

Firstly I'll apologise if I've put this in the wrong place, I just didn't know where to put this thread and it was suggested you lot on here are the best for advice!! Lol!!

So anyways....here goes!!.....

I'm Tara, 24 years old and in desperate need to lose weight. I feel so uncomfortable in my skin and my self- esteem went out in the rubbish about 3 years ago!!

I am 5ft 4 and currently weigh 11.7 stones and the lowest I ever got following Rosemary Conley and slimming world has been 10.7. I just can't seem to get past that weight for some reason and it's not good!!

My aim is to lose about 2 stone or become a easy size 10, whichever comes first!! I have hypothyroidism too so that doesn't help at all!

Anyways I've been eating healthy and going to the gym now for over 2 months and I have had no weight loss. My body fat % has gone up which is even worse to a whopping 36.1%!!

My bloods have been checked and they are showing my thyroid levels are in the "normal range" so I can't increase my dosage of 125mcg.

Anyways I've hit rock bottom and tried everything except no/low carb diets so I'm gonna give it a bash!!

I'm not planning on following a set diet, I don't really understand them and can't afford to join classes/online clubs so I'm doing it alone!! I've been reading up about the keto diet and want to give it a try! Really have nothing to lose (except weight! Lol!)

Anyways I need a bit of support and guidance to make sure I'm on the right lines. I was originally gonna try the cyclical ketogenic diet cos the thought of carbing up at weekends REALLY appealed to me but now thinking about it I'm worried I would keep feeling crappy all week every week cos my body would have to start ketosis again every week!!

So...I intend to:

Well I did some maths based on Ckd and after working it out I should have the following daily:

Protein 102 grams equivalent to 408 cals
Fat 54 grams equivalent to 492 cals

Thus giving me a total cal intake of 900 Cals a day!

My BMR from those machines at gym is apparently 1538 but cos I have hypothyroidism I just took 638 cals off that to compensate (500 being what they recommend u should take off to lose a pound a week!)

Firstly do you think this amount of cals is too low???

Now what was I planning to eat! typical day:

Fibre supplement
Possibly a fat supplement like evening primrose or cod liver enriched with omega 3.
Bacon rashers
Eggs (lots!)

Protein whey isolate shake (low carb) 17g of protein per shake (maybe 2 of these a day)

Cheese lots of it!!
Bacon etc etc
Salad leaves

Sugar free jelly

Am I on the right lines??

I'm also only drinking water and having one coke zero a day as a treat (nothing with citric acid!)

I'm awaiting some liquid sucralose for my morning brew but until then I'm not gonna drink tea or coffee.

I intend to do low intensity exercise every other day whether this be walking or resistance training.

What do u all think?? Am I wasting my time??

I've bought some ketostix and have them in my possession. I intend to start this tomorrow and will be going to the shop this evening to buy all the products.

This isn't an impulse decision, I've been reading for a while, tomorrow is a good day cos I'm off work now till Monday so I can be as cranky and lazy at home as I like! ?

Well that's me!! Hope someone can help!!

Look forward to hearing from u all!!

Tara xxx
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Hi, for Atkins you dont need to count calories just grams of carbs, it has been proven in studies that you reduce your intake as your appetite reduces so you automatically have a lower calorie intake without counting.
Beware of lots of cheese as this can slow your weight loss, even so I eat cheese daily.

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Hi Tara, glad you've found us.

Even if you're not doing atkins, i suggest you look at the sticky "thinking of starting atkins" as you can pretty well enjoy everything on the induction food list for your plan. Also take a look at the sticky on cheating - hopefully enough to keep you focused on your plan;)

Ps on atkins we do recommend you have plenty of green leafy veg - it's important in order to stay "regular"!
Thank you to both of you!! I will get reading! This sounds like the too good to be true diet right now but I can imagine the cravings are gonna kill me! I just have to be strong and think of the future me!!
I thought the same and in fact the cravings did get to me last time, but now ive found this site and it's made a massive difference.
The recipes are great and as there's always something new to try you can find something to fit the craving you're having. Plus everyone is so helpful and friendly x good luck

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tiaratara omg you sound like me what you have wrote i went down to 9.7 and went up to 11 and i cant shift it any more whats happening to me !!! i go gym most days and i never loose i been doinfatkins for 3 months now i havent lost a thing its up down up down up down

im stuck !!!

good luck let me know how you get on

i found cheese makes me gain ont he atklins as well as cream so backing off from those for a bit !

Jessie, it's an awful place to be isn't it when your stuck, I know exactly how it feels. I'm worried that low carb might not work either and I don't want to end up putting even more weight on so I'm gonna be really strict with myself for the next 2 weeks and see if I get any results. If I end up putting weight on I'm gonna have to go back to the drawing board and seriously rethink my strategy!! Lol!! I will write everything down that I eat and post it on here somewhere...not sure where I would post it! Lol! And I will see if I'm making any mistakes! I'm determined this time and sick of always having my weight to worry about! ? I'm sick of feeling this way and I know only I can make the changes. Good luck to everyone and Jessie have u got advice off people on here to see where u could be going wrong? I was shocked at how many products actually have carbs in!! Xxxx spk soon xxxx
Hi and welcome. Have a really good read of the stickies and our diaries. Then go and get loads of green veg! Heaps of it!! I get all my carbs from veg for the most part and I love it! The veg and loads of water do help with the cravings too. :)
I had to drop dairy completely as it stalled me from about the third week onwards. Things don't always affect you straight away.
Good luck and post often!!! :)
hi ya
speaking to people has helped so much every1 on here is lovley and so nice to talk too

start a diary thread on the diary section and use my fitness pal set ur carbs and type in everything u have it adds it all up for you

i feel like my fat content is too high thats y im not loosing weight

i havent lost a thing

i dont know what to do im stuck
i think its the fat le i dont think i can burn it off i been gym swim sauna steam every day and its not working im gonna give up i swear
running around after my 3 three yr old working full time i never sit down i should b a size 8 !!!!

u know what the only thing worked for me was ww and im thinking to go back so indecisive ! i havent had no carbs today only boiled eggs



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Take a look at atkins tips ands tricks thread further down this page. It lists all the reasons that people might struggle.
Welcome to the best way of eating around.

You MUST have more than 'salad leaves'. On Atkins Induction you need to get 15g carbs daily from green leafy vegetables, preferably cooked. 900 calories a day is too low; Atkins does not work like that and too little food can slow down losses rather than speed them up.

It will take a little while for you to get your head around all this I know because it turns the diet advice we have followed for years totally on its head. Just go with it, follow the rules, read the book - the most recent one is probs best for you (A New You). Reading the book is very important! Take it easy, enjoy your yummy meals, and soon you may feel better than you have in a long time.
Thanks girlygirl, what would u say was the minimum number of cals?? My appetite is naturally declining at the moment and over the last few days im averaging between 1100 and 1300. Is that enough??

What is the main reason for the 15g of carbs a day?? Is it just to keep you regular or is there some science to it??

I will order the book online and have a read xxxxx


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atkins says himself that you have to eat the fat to lose weight. Doing atkins low fat is like basically eating not a lot. You won't be getting much in the way of nutrition and you will probably be very grumpy at that! (I know I would be!)

You need to drop the idea of calories completely for this plan. Check out the awesome "so you are thinking of starting atkins" thread, and check out the atkins book. Its got a good bit of interesting reading in there about the science of fat vs carbs.

Good luck!! xx
Thanks hannata for the advice. I'm gonna try and eat more but I just haven't got the appetite for meat eggs and cheese anymore. I'm having really bad cravings today! I don't know why they are so bad!! Well walking past the bakery section in supermarket didn't help to be honest. I could just eat a massive freshly cooked French stick right now!! But I won't cos I've left the shop and didn't buy any bread. Willpower is going well. This is harder than stopping smoking for me! Haha!! xx


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Thanks hannata for the advice. I'm gonna try and eat more but I just haven't got the appetite for meat eggs and cheese anymore. I'm having really bad cravings today! I don't know why they are so bad!! Well walking past the bakery section in supermarket didn't help to be honest. I could just eat a massive freshly cooked French stick right now!! But I won't cos I've left the shop and didn't buy any bread. Willpower is going well. This is harder than stopping smoking for me! Haha!! xx
Wow, that is real willpower! Well done!! :devilangel:
Check out the official Atkins site, The Atkins Community. Fantastic expert Atkins advice and a huge forum. The minimum amount of daily calories recommended for a woman is 1800. I know this sounds like an awful lot, but that is because on a diet that only counts calories and not carbs it matters. If you have been dieting for a long time already you may need to work up to that figure but I would advise going no lower than 1400 on any given day, and later working up to the higher figure.

Atkins is a high fat, moderate protein, low carbohydrate plan. Yes, we need to eat fat to burn fat. Good fats such as coconut oil and ground nut oils are better for us than lard I would guess but many here rejoice in the cheaper fatty cuts of meat, etc. and get great results. Oily fish, too, contains healthy Omega 3 fats.

Try to forget what you had to do on other diets and just give Atkins a good shot! You will come to love low carbing.

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