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Pre-SW Snack Syn Shocker!!!!!!!!


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Oh my - I've been idling away the hours reading my food directory today and I have shocked myself at the unbelievable syn value of my pre-SW snack-ette.

Meeting up with the girls in Starbucks every now and then, I ALWAYS had a blueberry muffin and a vanilla frappacino (no whip) thinking I was being rather restrained and *good* - I'm staggered to realise the syns come to over 52 for them both!! :eek:
Blueberry Muffin - 29.5 syns (who'd have thought)
Vanilla Frappacino (medium) - 23 syns (add 6.5 syns for the whip).

And to think I wondered how I got this fat!! :rolleyes:

What have you discovered syn wise about your pre-SW snacks?
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Will be thin god dammit!!
A Mcdonalds 1/4 pounder with cheese, medium fries and large milkshake - Total 67 syns!!!!!!!!!!!


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starbucks muffins are evil! i love the skinny lemon and poppyseed ones, thinking, hey thats ok, its got skinny in the title - 17syns :(

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Oooh where do I start?

KFC, Maccy D's, Double choc chip muffins, cookies, full tubs of ben and Jerry's, I dread to think how many syns they all are, but I would guestimate that over a typical day Id have a good couple of hundred syns.

*these were NOT all consumed at once.


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this thread making me hungry LOLO... but mine was for my fav lasagner :( inc cheese etc comes to around 67syns :( :( and i usd to eat that as a 'healthy meal' LOL


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i used to lay in bed with a box of 24 tesco value jaffa cakes :eek:must be about 44 syns thats without the bowl of cornflakes milk and real sugar
Indian chicken korma and nana bread!!!!

now just make my own version :)
When me and OH went to Wetherspoons I always had nachos while he had burger and chips. I always thought mine was a 'snack' while he was being fat until I found out they are 65 syns. The burger and chips were 'only' 45 syns!
We used to go shopping to Asda on a saturday and always bought a big bloomer and good ham and tom and cue and some sausage rolls .
When we had finished packing shopping away we would slice that big boy up (between 3) and slap loads of butter on and fill it to the rafters with the ham and salad stuff and have a sausage roll on the side !!!
If we went to Morrisons I would buy a four pack of pasties(warm ones) and some warm sausage rolls a regular tray of the salad bar . We would do our shopping and go sit in the car and eat the saled bowl and it has been known for me to eat 2 of those cornish pasties !!.
Christ wot a piggy I was ..... ha still am some times ;)
o.m.g doughnuts i always had about three at a time i love them so much i was actually addicted to them to the point of my first two weeks of sw i used to salvate when i went near them in a supermarket ...very sad indeed but id love a huge ring doughnut with fresh cream in with chocolate and fruit on top , i wish i could get a grip at the moment so i can lose 4 lbs to get to 11st so i can get myself one! :)


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o and another ... when had a salad i always ha a fresh out o hooven bread roll dripping with butter ahhh was gorgeous
I used to love a large cornish pasty on a Saturday lunchtime and could sometimes demolish two - the syn value must be horrific!
Coupled with beer for an evening drink......no wonder I got so big (and tired and grumpy!!!!).


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Dominos Pizza - I would order a large Texas BBQ. Eat what I could then save a couple of slices for brekkie the next morning! Oh dear.

Decided best to avoid Dominos since being on SW!
mmmmmmm pizza. My fave was pizza hut stuffed crust mmmmmm 1 slice of cheese feast was 18 syns so times that by the 4 I would eat is 72 syns!!!!!! Then I would eat all the cheese of the middle of the crust that my children would leave. :p
This thread is making me hungry :p. I used to think nothing of having a couple of packets of ready salted crisps and a lump of cheese for my lunch. I can still have the cheese :D, but not so much of a lump. I also used to drink anything between 5 and 7 semi-skimmed lattes with 2 sugars a day, I have know idea what the syns would have been :eek:


sainsburys strawberry tarts with creme patissiere or m + s egg custards, wispa bars (note not singular :eek:) the list could go on.

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