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I've always thought these food diaries were a great idea but I've never started one. I figure maybe I should follow my own advice so here I am!

I'll add some photos of my cooking adventures later this evening.

Some basic info about me (in case anyone is interested in that sort of thing) - I'm 30, live with my long term boyfriend, no children yet. We are saving hard for a mortgage deposit (which is difficult in Dublin) so my shopping is done on various budgets depending on our outgoings that month. My partner and I both work full time and I do all the cooking but my OH does the dishes and the heavier housework so it's fair :) Also I like to be in control of the food! I have successfully followed Slimming World before, and got down to 10 pounds above goal. My weight loss so far has been much slower this time round, despite having a lot to lose, but once it stays off I don't care.

My meals for today:

Boiled Egg, Irish Pride Slimster Wholewheat Bread toasted (HexB), Dairymaid Light Spread (1 syn)
One Quarter Galia Melon

Daytime Snacks:
One Quarter Galia Melon, Alpen Light Jaffa Cake Bar (3 syns), Apple, Satsuma

Leftover SW chilli, served with cheese (HEA) and cous cous. Satsuma and Muller light vanilla yoghurt.

Mango & Chilli Chicken (2 syns for marinade). I think I'll make SW chips to go alongside it and some roasted veggies, but not 100% sure yet.

Saving some syns for something chocolately tonight :)

Thanks for reading!
Dinner this evening!

I'm only on 6 syns so far so I'm thinking an options hot choc with some mini marshmallows and some mikado sticks. A little of what you fancy and all that... weigh day tomorrow.... I'm nervous since this is the first week I fell off plan properly but I'm keeping everything crossed :)
The mango and chilli chicken sounds nice :)

How did your weigh-in go yesterday?

It was lovely!

I lost 1.5 pounds.... which made the fourth week running to lose that exact amount! Thanks for asking :) Now I'm going to have to spend some time updating my diary after the weekend!
Ok, time to update! To finish off on Thursday I had an options hot chocolate (2 syns), topped with some mini marshmallows (1 syn) and 10 mikado sticks (for 5 syns). Thursday's total was 14 syns.


Breakfast was a slim bagel (HexB), an egg, 3 bacon medallions, some cherry tomatoes and a small blob of ketchup (.5 syn)

Daytime snacks were melon, an apple and a 2 pack of weight watchers chocolate chip cookies (4 syns)

Lunch was leftover chilli and mango chicken (1 syn for marinade, smaller portion), courgette, cous cous and cherry tomatoes.

Dinner was pork fillet, new potatoes, sweetcorn and carrots. I added a tiny bit of butter to my sweetcorn (1 syn).

Evening snacks were cotton candy flavour grapes, and a fancy hot chocolate - options (2 syns), baileys (4 syns) spray of light cream (1 syn) and 3 mini marshmallows (.5 syn). It was amazing. I was in a real sweet tooth mood so also had a fun size bag of maltesers (5syns).

Friday total: 19 syns (I'm allowed 20 a day).

For breakfast tried an oat pancake recipe from Pinch of Nom (.5 Hex B), served with berries, a muller light and some sweet freedom syrup (1 syn).

Lunch was a rushed affair, picked at some pre-cooked bacon medallions, and had an apple and some syn-free skyr. I fancied something salty so had a bag of Crunchy Fries (3.5 syns)

Daytime snacks were an alpen light (other .5 HexB) and some candy floss grapes. I also had a 2 mikado sticks (1 syn) with a cup of coffee.

Dinner was chicken fillets with some peri peri seasoning, a small baked potato with cheese (HexA) and some garlic and lemon roasted asparagus.

In the evening I again had a sweet tooth attack - curly wurly (6) and fun size maltesers (5 syns)

Total - 16.5 syns

Breakfast - Pinch of Nom baked oats (HexB) served with berries, pear and a small squirt of light cream (.5 syn), alongside a latte (HexA)

I didn't have much for lunch as I was redecorating again and was fairly full from breakfast - just grabbed a Muller Light.

Dinner was a DISASTER. It was my brother's birthday and I went to visit him and my dad and they were ordering chinese in for everyone. I know I could have said no but I don't see my dad and brother often so just went along with it. I had chicken with cashew nuts (only ate half so approx 7 syns) and rice - which was ordered and on plan but then there was other stuff going at the table so I pinched a few prawn crackers (2 syns) and 3 small pieces of salt & chili chicken (guesstimating 5 syns) and some chips (estimating high for a handful at 5 syns). I passed up a slice of birthday cake but did pinch a forkful of my sisters (2 syns? so much guesswork).

I'm guessing I was in the region of 22-23 syns yesterday but I was trying to have a perfect week and guesswork is not good so I'm not pleased with myself. Also I feel woeful after having so much salt :( I was eating a chinese every week or every fortnight up until recently. While I enjoyed the food last night, how I felt afterwards has made me realise that even if I don't feel like I'm doing brilliantly, my body has moved on from being used to takeaways. Hopefully my mind will follow!

I'm feeling good about today. My head hurts from all that salt yesterday but it will pass I'm sure.

Breakfast - Porridge (HexB) with berries.
Snacks for Work - 2 satsumas, pineapple, pear, alpen light bar (3 syns)
Lunch - Salad made with chicken, lettuce, tomato, gherkins, beetroot, carrot and 1 tablespoon of reduced fat thousand island dressing (1 syn), followed by some syn-free skyr.

Dinner is a toss up between steak & SW chips or chicken and chorizo gnocchi, but I'll see how I feel when I get home. I usually eat better on weekdays than at the weekend so it's all about pulling back control now and hopefully seeing a good result on Friday.
Yesterday I was peckish when I came in from work so had 3 Carr's melts crackers with a slice of cheese (.5 HexA)

For dinner I had Gnocchi (3 syns) with chicken, chorizo (2 syns), mushrooms, onions and a sauce I made using passata, garlic and oregano, topped with cheese (.5 HexA)

While watching Game of Thrones, I had a fun size bag of Maltesers (5 syns).

Total syns = 17 :)

Breakfast - I had an omelette made with 3 eggs, ham, shallots, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes, topped with cheese (.5 Hex A).

Lunch - 2 x Wholemeal Irish Pride Slimster Bread with tuna, extra light mayonnaise, sweetcorn, lettuce and tomato. Followed by a Banana and Custard Muller Light.

Snacks - HiFi Light (3 syns), pineapple, pear, banana, satsuma.

Star week has commenced so hopefully that'll be the end of my "give me all of the chocolate" form I've been in the past week!
Congrats on the loss! What are cotton candy grapes? :eek:

I have an occassional chinese, the beef in oyster sauce with boiled rice comes in at 6.5 syns or less for the lot and tastes amazing, not what you would think it tastes like lol. I thought it would have been fishy, hooked on it now.
Yeah I like oyster sauce but I cook with it sometimes when making a fakeaway so I fancied something different! In my old book chicken with cashew nuts was once of the best choices at 8.5 syns for the full tray, but they sadly changed that in 2015 after a review of average portion sizes and it went up to 14 syns :(

Cotton candy grapes are just grapes that taste like candy floss but I like them :) I got mine in Aldi but I hear they do them in M&S and in some Tescos as well. I believe they come in strawberry flavour too but I haven't seen them in my neck of the woods yet.
Thanks @Quins! Small changes will get me there eventually :)

Ended up having some low syn crisps with lunch yesterday as I really fancied something crunchy (4 syns)

Dinner last night was chicken, brown rice and carrots, with a tablespoon on Nando's peri peri sauce (.5 syn)

Had a jazzed up hot choc (3 syns) using the remainder of my HexA, with 8 mikado sticks (4 syns).

Total syns for yesterday = 16


Today I have a cautionary tale for all of you. Melon is great for speed for the slippery fecker left me nearly needing stitches this morning. I have sliced up my finger nicely with a serrated knife in a melon related incident. Fortunately I'm an Occupational First Aider so I've managed to do a one-handed temporary job of patching it up and hope it will hold.

Breakfast: Baked Oats with (tear soaked) melon and berries.

Lunch: Chicken Salad (chicken, lettuce, carrot, gherkin, cheese (HexA), tomato) and reduced fat dressing (1 syn)

Snacks: Remaining baked oats, apple, pear, melon and a satsuma.

Dinner TBC.
Sorry Laura, you had me in stitches...:rotflmao:. I hope you're ok. Slippery feckers indeed!
And, you used your training to great effect, not just for paper cuts and Chinese burns.:bolt:

Glad you found it entertaining :p it's not as bad now anyway :) Ugh, so much catching up to do on posting my food :eek:
Wednesday Continued

Couldn't do the dinner I had planned as I was in no mood for peeling and chopping. While throwing a few dirty looks at the serrated knife looking all innocent in the knife block, I decided it was ok to have an easy tea evening.

Slim Bagel (6 syns), Bacon Medallions, Cherry Tomatoes and some carrot batons. I had saved some of my HEA for milk allowance but didn't bother with milk and instead used a dab of light philidephia. Had some light crisps on the side (4 syns).

Later on I had a Muller light, a Freddo (5 syns) and 4 mikado sticks (2 syns).

Total= 18 syns.

Breakfast: 40g low sugar Cheerios (HexB), Milk (from HexA allowance) and a banana.

Lunch: Baked potato, low fat cheese (from HexA allowance), carrot batons, cherry tomatoes and a muller light.

Snacks: Melon, apple, an alpen light bar (3 syns) and a plum.

Dinner: Pinch of Nom Recipe Butter Chicken - except I used turkey steaks (2 syns), mushrooms, basmati rice and a Fitzgeralds mini peshwari naan (5 syns).

Evening Treat: Curly Wurly (6 syns) and 7 mikado sticks (3.5 syns)

Total= 19.5 syns
Friday (Weigh Day)

-3.5 pounds!

Did not expect this as it's been slow going so far. Absolutely delighted!

Breakfast: Bacon medallions, egg, onion, mushroom and tomato, with brown bread (HexB), ketchup (.5 syn) and light spread (1 syn)

Snacks: Fibre One Salted Caramel Square (4 syns), apple, melon, satsuma and a plum.

Lunch: Baked Eggs - basically a ham and veg omelette but cooked in a waffle mould in the oven (half HexA), with mixed salad. Super Fruitii yoghurt.

Dinner: Fillet steak, mushrooms, onions, cooked with spray but also a liiiiitle bit of butter (1 syn), with SW chips and probably salad on the side, depending on how I feel later.