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Pregnancy age

I would say at this day and age, 37 is not old to be having a baby. But that is going by how old mums are at the school gate.

Medically, I'm sure the risk is the same as it has ever been, but the detection of any abnormalities are better than they were.

If you really want another one, then go for it. It might be too late one day when you are really, really broody!!!


I would say if you would like to try for another baby go for it.

You are right complications can happen at any age. Just to give you a couple of examples from my own family life.

My nana is now 85 she had her last daughter in 1966 at the age of 42 without any complications what so ever.

My SIL at the age of 29 had a downs syndrome son who is now 13.

If I could I would love to have another and i'm 42 but it wont happen for me now. With 3 practically grown sons I think my time on that front is up :D

Go for it a new baby can only bring total joy for your family.


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Thanks girls, i dont think its old...i just made the mistake of searching online about it and as you know there are all sorts of things said!


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When I had my daughter I was 23 and pretty much the youngest on the ward (on the Continent). My son I had with 32 and was pretty much in the average age range, apart from that it was the first birth for the majority there. Many of my friends didn't even consider children until their were in their mid-30s. With the advance of medicine I don't think there really is a kind of limit. The limit is individual and entirely up to you and your partner.
aww thats lovely starlight, there are a lot of women having children in their 40's arent there
Loads, she was actually really amazed when she first fell pregnant she was sure shed be like a granny by comparison. She WAS the oldest in her classes and at the hospital but not by that much. She stays in a 'posh' area and there were a lot of people who have waited til they were 40 due to career choices etc...


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Thanks girls, i dont think its old...i just made the mistake of searching online about it and as you know there are all sorts of things said!
To be honest, every pregnancy bears some risks, regardless of maternal age. Yes, statistically there may be more Down Syndrome babies born to older parents, however, I do know parents who had a Down Syndrome baby in their mid-20s.
But if you look at the large number of healthy babies being born to "older" mothers each year, it might bring the statistics into more context.
If you feel ready for it - just go for it. I absolutely love being a Mum and have never regret this lifestyle choice. :)
I was 29 when I fell pregnant with my son and 30 when he was born. Even at that age my medical notes had me down as a geriatric mother. :D

At the NCT classes I attended we were all of an age 28-35 but the few NHS ante-natal classes I went to at Frimley Park hospital I was definately the geriatric one in the group. :eek:

If you're healthy and solvent go for it!
I think that as long as you are aware of the risks and that you believe that you could cope with a baby if it were disabled in any way then you should have another baby.
I was 40 when I had my son, who is now 13 and unfortunately he is severely autistic (the causes of autism aren't known but research shows that older mothers are an indicator).


going to do it!!!!
I say go for it and 37 is fine. I had twins 3 years ago and I was 37!!! I feel much more laid back then when I had my first 2 children at 26 and 29. It's just lovely, twins were a bit of a surprise but doc said the older you get the bigger the chance of having twins, we didn't have twins on either side of family so it was probably due to age!!
Take care x

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