Pregnancy and CD!

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Hi all - after all these years, for the first time, I have a client on sole source who has become pregnant.....

She's gone from BMI 54.7 to 41.9 in 13 weeks, in preparation for IVF, and has proved conclusively that weight loss is four times more effective than IVF in enabling conception!

But....can anyone tell me what happens now? She wants to continue with her three CD a day, for nutritional assurance in the smallest number of calories, but we need to know what conventional food plan to include, to ensure the best possible outcome for both mother and baby.

Any thoughts gratefully received!

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Congrats to the mum to be!

I guess she'll have to be closely monitored by her ante-natal team. In terms of dietary requirements, protein is the building block of life so plenty of that plus some healthy carbs (wholewheat etc) for the energy required to grow a baby and plenty of vitamins & minerals: in short, a healthy diet.

The balance is something an expert in the field would probably be better answering: do you think her doctor will be referring her to a dietician? I don't know Cambridge's policy for pregnancy but would be interested to find out.
Hi Lesly,

When Linda comes on I will get her to answer this as it is very interesting one.

Congrats' to you and your client it is very exciting news.

It says on page 37 of the Cambridge Diet Book "There are certain people who should not use any Cambridge (or indeed any other!) weight loss programme - unless under medical supervision. They include pregnant woman and those who are breast feeding or have given birth within the previous 3 months."

"The reason for these exclusions is that the protein requirements of people in these categories are much higher than normal, and the diet would not supply them with enough of this vital nutrient. However, if your doctor decides that despite these circumstances you should lose weight, then it is possible to use Cambridge as part of a surpervised diet which contains more calories than the Cambridge Diet does on its own...."

Love Mini xxx
Pregnancy and breast feeding are contraindicated so none of the CD weightloss programmes can be followed.

I personally would not be comfortable with supplying three packs a day plus food just in case the temptation to just use the packs is too strong, although as Mini rightly says under medical supervision this could be allowed.

I would think her GP should refer on to a dietitian but in the meantime good healthy GI food is probably the best way forward.

If the packs were for nutrition, I think we could supply 7 a week but no more than that at any one time. Having said this I have never supplied any pregnant woman with CD products.

I think this is one to refer to CD Head Office for guidance.

Definitely agree with Linda on this one.....I've had this same situation twice now and both times HO were quite adamant that no way should any of the CD programmes be followed!

I must admit I do always warn my ladies that they can become more fertile whilst following VLCD so to be extra careful if pregnancy is not in the plan!!! :)
As a CDC & newly pregnant lady I can understand where she is coming from. I have one bar or tetra a day & occasionally if I feel I need a food fix I will have another rather than having junk food.
In the CD literature it says it can be used as a nutritional supplement for pregnant ladies - & if you know your customer well you will know how she will use it (no matter what they are saying). I would agree that I would not supply more than 10 a week though.
I am trying to eat a healthy, balanced diet & I will NOT be eating for two. I find that most evenings at th moment I am eating a bowl of soup, with extra veg (sweetcorn or peas mostly) in it & I have a bit of a thing for croquet potato's in it too. I am eating cerial in the morning, with semi skimmed milk (supplies all the calcium you need)
My midwife said to me she is happy for me to put on, stay the same or even lose weight during my pregnancy - so long as I do it healthily!

Hope this helps
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Thanks, all, for your comments, and congratulations Nicky - I look forward to hearing about your progress with your two new projects: counselling and baby-growing!

I'm a bit shocked that any of you could imagine that I would encourage my client to break the Cambridge rules by continuing with a weight loss programme of any sort.

She's an intelligent and sensible young lady, who has longed for a baby for years. She is astonished at her good fortune in avoiding IVF, and I know that she would do nothing to jeopardise this pregnancy.

However, I did encourage her to use three CD a day in addition to conventional food, as described by Dr Howard in all of my well-thumbed books.

Sadly, HQ has confirmed that she should only have one a day, presumably on the advice of the legal profession.
Hello all, sorry its taken a while but the official word is.........

If you have a client that becomes pregnant, the client may wish to continue on the diet as they have become established and enjoy the programme. At this stage you will need to explain to your client that she is now 'two' and that the programme is now unsuitable, as as per CHWP's medical guidelines, pregnancy is contraindicated. However, if your client wishes to take 1 product per day as a nutritional aid then this would be suitable....however, you need to follow the guidelines below: -

1. A new MRF will need to be signed by a Dr with "1 cambridge product a day for nutrition' written clearly across it. If the Dr does not sign the MRF, no product can be supplied.

2. Only supply the client with 7 products for the week (totalling 1 per day) and see the client weekly. We do not want the client to do sole sources and there would be a risk of this happening if more product was supplied.

3. After they have had their baby, please remember that lactating women are also contrindicated and so should not use any programmes until the baby has its source of nutrition via other means. We would also recommend that a higher programme is used when appropiate to allow the client to settle into motherhood, ie Sole Source and new baby = very hard work!!

If the client wishes to have 3 products a day, you will need to advise her that we deem this unsuitable and that you are only able to supply her with enough product for one a day on a weekly basis, and only if the GP is in agreement.

"During pregnancy and lactation, the body requirements for protein, minerals and vitamins is increased. Moreover, any interference with the normal way of life is considered undesirable. Dieting during pregnancy is therefore contraindicated. The Cambridge diet can, however, be used as a nutritional supplement"

I hope this is clear. If you have any questions, please let me know.
PR Executive - Cambridge