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pregnant :¦

Hi Chubbs, Sorry to see that you are in such a dilemma but I think you will find that being on a strict diet can interfere with the effect of the pill.
However, have you got anyone that can support you ... your mum, sister, friend? Better to get someone you can chat to and confide in so that you can start to think about things logically.
There's also the point about whether you have a boy friend who is entitled to know if it's his child ...
Lot's of advisory services out there now so do look up something online and follow thro' with that.

Hope you soon get things sorted...
All the best to you .... :)
My boyfriend knows, he's ok but shocked, we haven't had time to talk about it because he's in work. I'm terrified of telling my parents and family, i feel like ive ruined everyone's lives :( I'm only 18:( so scared. My parents will go crazy x
hi chubbs, i recognise your name from the lipotrim forum. i am also pregnant, probably through being on lipotrim. but this is my 4th. i had my 1st one at 19, so not much older than you. dont stress out. calm your nerves and think about. dont be forced into thinking you have to do what other people say. im not pro or anti abortion but please think about what you want. having a baby at a young age just isnt for some people and you do have a choice. but, if you feel like you do want it, dont think you have to get rid just because someone else says you have to, again, its your choice.

people will tell you your life is over, bla bla bla. personally, im glad im a young mum and i wouldnt change things for the world. i have been with my partner nearly 12 years now, have had 3 children and 1 on the way. it really is your choice hun. sorry to go on but its a very important decision that in the end your going to have to deal with.

good luck hun

Thank you Kerry I really, really appreciate it :) just getting over the initial shock at the moment, lipotrim definitely on hold for the long forseeable future either way, got a lot of thinking to do xxx
pet so glad to see your putting the baby before diet. Your parents might be annoyed at the start but once they hold a little bundle of joy they always come round.

Sending you telepathic hugs!!

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