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Pregnant and Over Weight... My weight lose journey..xx

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by SammieAnn87, 30 December 2013 Social URL.

  1. SammieAnn87

    SammieAnn87 Gold Member

    Hi Everyone..:wave_cry:

    A few of you no me a lot don't! A bit about my self my name is Sammie.. I started on minis back in 2012 when I started Weight Watchers I lost almost 3 stone but after getting married in August I stopped going... I am now pregnant with my second child and I have piled on the pounds (before finding out I was pregnant!). I was always going to start at a Slimming World group after Christmas but I am doing it now as a pregnant lady! I am only about 7/8 weeks gone so not very far yet although my boobs are getting massive that needs to slow down before I give my self a black eye chasing Lucas (my 4yr old son) around!!!
    I am joining Slimming World with a lady who lives behind me, we were going to wait until next week to join as our class is a Wednesday morning at 9.30am BUT the class is on this morning instead.. So were going today, and my first weigh in will be Wednesday 8th. I dint really see a reason of holding off joinin until after the new year, I cnt drink so I wont be craving naughty food so I am more than ready to start!
    I'm not expecting massive loses but I am hoping to get some of this weight off now and maybe maintain towards the end of my pregnancy!

    As always I am nervous more nervous than I thought I would be! Its because I no I have put a lot of my weight back on and i am scarred to see how much! But I suppose it is also because i will feel total shame in front of my SW lady:eek:!

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  3. Cai

    Cai has a thin girl inside!


    Here to follow :) I'm going to start a new diary myself :) good luck with weigh in xx
  4. SammieAnn87

    SammieAnn87 Gold Member

    I had a really over weight fat day yesterday!!
    I have been able to buy size 18 clothes and them feel a lil big well yesterday size 20 stuff was all toooooo tight :cry: i stood in Tesco changing rooms crying! To make matters worst the MIL was stood outside and she was asking me if i needed a smaller size!! i wanted the world to open up... i dint wanna tell her i needed a bigger size so i blamed everything on my boobs!!

    That made me feel awful i haven't had one of those days for a while and i realised how hard i worked to lose the weight and then within a few months its all gone back on xxxx
  5. SammieAnn87

    SammieAnn87 Gold Member

    hiya huni!!

    let me no the link for ur diary when u start it i will defo pop by and subscribe!
  6. BeckyT

    BeckyT Always trying!

    Morning Sammie

    Dont feel ashamed in front of the SW consultant, that's what she is there for and she wants to help people otherwise she really wouldnt be doing the job that she does

    Good luck this morning x
  7. SammieAnn87

    SammieAnn87 Gold Member

    cheers huni!!

    i will let everyone no how i get on later best get ready
  8. Tano

    Tano Gold Member

    Here to follow lovely xxx
  9. sarahloub1

    sarahloub1 Gold Member

    hi here to follow xx
  10. Dubchick81

    Dubchick81 Finally Pregnant!!

    Hi hun. Here to follow n support :)

    Don't be upset over the size 20 being tight. I kno for at 8 weeks there was not a sign of a bump but I was up a size in clothes as I was so unbelievably bloated!! And as this is baby number 2 for... Be prepared to show allot sooner n get allot bigger... Just something I've noticed since being on the pregnancy forums.

    Congrats again on ur pregnancy and good luck staying on track. :)
  11. SammieAnn87

    SammieAnn87 Gold Member

    aawww thanks hun! my mum said to me today she was so much bigger with me than my brother n I weighed less, she jus said she seemed to show so much more!!
  12. SammieAnn87

    SammieAnn87 Gold Member

    Good evening ladies!

    today was fab I loved going to my slimmin world group! my leader Yvonne is soooooo lovely, she spent ages going through everything with me! The only thing I am not too sure on is weather I should be having two healthy extras a and b? it says in the pregnancy leaftleft I am but I am almost positive she never meantioned it? I may have to ring her tomorrow!
    I have been given the form thing to hand to my midwife on Tuesday! eeekkkkk!

    so food hasn't been that fab as I dint get home from slimmin world until half 11 went shoppin come home had a fast lunch then went sale shoppin had a busy day shoppin lol!!!

    todays food - Extra Easy

    Tomato Mugshot free
    cheese on toast healthy extra a and b


    2x sainsburys good for u sausages 3 syns

    cadburys caramel 11.5

    today I have used 14.5 syns

    I will eat better tomorrow! Seein as it is new years eve we ar eoff to a friends we are getting a take away im going to have chicken chow mein for 7 syns

  13. BeckyT

    BeckyT Always trying!

    Morning Sammie

    Cant help you with the extra A and B but if you were doing EE then I would say it makes sense however I would defo check with your C.

    Do your friends know that you're expecting? Your night sounds much better than mine even though youre not drinking!!
  14. SammieAnn87

    SammieAnn87 Gold Member

    nop they dnt!! ive jus said I am not feelin to well so not going to drink lol!!
  15. SammieAnn87

    SammieAnn87 Gold Member

    Morning ladies!

    I am goin to ring my consultant today about my extra healthy extras..

    food for today

    25g cheerios 4.5 syns
    milk hexA


    SW chips

    chicken chow mein 7 syns

    I need a b choice as well yet might have sum bread with my chips!!

    Last day of 2013 what a yr its been!! Planned a wedding got married to my lovely husband.. Lucas started nursery and has been in hospital a number of times! things have happened with mum and andy but finishin the yr on a high.. I wish each and everyone of you a very happy 2014

  16. SammieAnn87

    SammieAnn87 Gold Member

    jus a quick question would a Chinese do a veggie stirfry but use little oil if I asked? xxx
  17. Tano

    Tano Gold Member

  18. BeckyT

    BeckyT Always trying!

    You can ask for nothing!

    Have a lovely evening x
  19. SammieAnn87

    SammieAnn87 Gold Member

    right thanks ladies.... i might have........ chicken in black bean sauce 5.5 syns.plain noodles free and chop.sum veggies n cook them there xxx

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  20. Dubchick81

    Dubchick81 Finally Pregnant!!

    Morning hun. Meant to reply last night re the healthy extras. You get an extra healthy a & b yea. U have to to ensure u n baby are getting enough calcium n fibre.
    I've altered it a tad to suit me during my pregnancy n had as much milk n yogurt as uv pleased. I've limited cheese coz obviously the cal content can b lethal... HTH
  21. SammieAnn87

    SammieAnn87 Gold Member

    thank u hun, my leaded replied this morning.. she said the same..... i was thinkin of 2 weetabix and milk then cheese on sum whole meal toast..
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