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  1. LucyNewMum

    LucyNewMum Silver Member

    hi all pregnant (or not pregnant) ladies :)

    im lucy, im 23 (birthday today actually haha) and i have a baby boy who turned 1 a couple of weeks ago. on friday i found out i am expecting again. working out from last period im around 6 weeks but wont know for sure until i see midwife and have first scan :)

    as happy as i am to be having a second baby, i did plan on getting to my goal weight first. last june i started dieting and have gone from 16st 10lbs to 12st 13lbs :) so ive lost 3st 11lbs, which i am thrilled about :). however last time i put on alot of weight during (and after) pregnancy and i am determined not to put on at that drastic level again.

    the thing is tho, i am always eating alot, stuffing my face, or im the other extreme, eating only 1000 cals a day. i need to find a happy medium to have a happy, healthy pregnancy

    any advice very welcome, and hopefully there will be lots of preggo's to chat to over the next few months :D xxx
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  3. fatlassnomore

    fatlassnomore Full Member

    I know how you feel. My DD is 3 and gained 4.5 stone with her. Goodness knows how as I felt sick for 26 weeks! I'm 24 weeks now and gained 1 stone so far so fingers crossed I don't gain the same this time!

    However, I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes really early at 8 weeks and had to cut out sugar and watch carbs so think this has helped a lot!!
  4. LucyNewMum

    LucyNewMum Silver Member

    thats awesome that you've only put on a stone at 24 weeks :) i was the same with first, put on over 3 stone, i was eating constantly, but ive worked hard to get to a reasonable weight and i dont want to ruin it lol

    i suppose thats the only benefit with gestational diabetes, it forces you to be healthy for your baby :) x
  5. fatlassnomore

    fatlassnomore Full Member

    Congratulations by the way!

    I know that is the only plus point with GD. But I feel a bit robbed that I can't 100% 'let go' for these 9 months!
  6. LucyNewMum

    LucyNewMum Silver Member

    thank you :)

    aw i bet, its the only time to indulge without guilt i suppose. but im the other way round- im trying to not think of it as a pass to eat what i want cause thats how i ended up so overweight! need to stay as healthy as possible, how has you pregnancy been so far? x
  7. Cas3

    Cas3 Gold Member

    Hey Lucy, just noticed your diary :) congrats again.

    In my last pregnancy with Hollie I only gained 6lbs by 38 wks plus 5 days and week after birth I was down 22lbs, so I'm sure you can have a healthy pregnancy without gaining too many pounds.

    I just walked a lot more with the stroller, kept myself active with running around after my toddler, I ate what I fancied but I tried to be good during the week and had treats over the weekend, I kept takeaways to once a week I didn't stick to set amount of calories but on average I ate between 1600-2000 cals.

    Hope you have a lovely birthday,

    Cas xx
  8. LucyNewMum

    LucyNewMum Silver Member

    thank u cas :D :D
    omg cant believe you only gained 6lbs throughout your pregnancy, thats awesome :)! ive read about people weighing less after baby that before, that was my plan last time i got pregnant but went out the window lol- so im trying not to put too much pressure on myself this time.
    im completely oblivious to what a 'normal' and 'healthy' diet is tho. i diet and eat healthy, or i completely pig out, so just trying to eat a normal diet, was thinking i might eat normally and count my calories and see how much i am actually eating, i think thats about what i should be eating too cas, 1600-2000. from constant dieting i'd definitely put on if i ate any more than 2000 a day.

    on another note, i am thrilled to be having a second baby, but its dawning on me how hard having a 21 month and a newborn will be! just wondering how others felt, and how they found having two bubbas quite close in age :) xx
  9. fatlassnomore

    fatlassnomore Full Member

    I'm panicking too but my daughter is 3.5!!! However, life has just got a whole lot easier since she turned 3 so we feel like we'll be starting from scratch again so it'll be a shock to the system!
  10. LucyNewMum

    LucyNewMum Silver Member

    aw i bet she cant wait :) a couple of friends have have a baby when there toddler was about 3 and they said it was nice because they wanted to be the 'little helper' :)

    dylans only just turned one a couple of weeks ago, its hard to imagine what he'll be like at 21 months, and how he'll react to a new baby- i just want to make sure i still have plenty of time for him x
  11. fatlassnomore

    fatlassnomore Full Member

    I think she'll be a lovely little mother!

    My friend had 2 under 2 and she found it easier than she imagined. The youngest just slotted in with the oldest routine rather well! Plus you're more laid back and less manic with the second.
  12. CLH_X3

    CLH_X3 Gold Member

    Hey, I'm 26 weeks pregnant and I have a 19 month old ... Last pregnancy I put on 1st 9lbs but this time iv already put on nearly 2 stone! I lost nearly 3 stone on ww after I had my daughter though so I'm starting at a lower weight ...

    Iv now from today started being good! Back on ww as like you I'm pig out or diet!

    good luck!
  13. LucyNewMum

    LucyNewMum Silver Member

    Aw I hope its the same for me lol, some say it's easier than they think and others say it's really really hard, either way can't wait lol x

    Hiya, 1st 9 is awesome for ur last pregnancy, I put on over 3 stone last time- refuse to let that happen again. I'm the same, I was 14st 7 at start of last pregnancy and top of 12's for this one, so at least a bit lower this time. Ended up top end of 16's after last pregnancy and never want to be there again lol, how is your pregnancy so far? X
    Looking through other diaries and looks like a good idea to write down what I eat each day to kinda keep track of how much I'm eating (not today tho ate too much chocolate that I don't want to admit to) x
  14. CLH_X3

    CLH_X3 Gold Member

    And to think I was unhappy when I put on 1st 9lbs last time! ... Lol! I lost It all within 2 weeks without trying aswel!

    Pregnancy is going well, got to have a anti d next week! ... How is yours going ?
    Iv started being good now! REFUSE to put an a oz more! Ha ..
  15. goose

    goose Silver Member

    hiya hun how u doing?
  16. LucyNewMum

    LucyNewMum Silver Member

    Finally have Internet back! Haven't been on here for a while, but so far have put on 4lbs already- and I'm only 10 weeks!! Not good. Eating healthy foods, fruit and veg daily, but it's all the extras. Have a major craving for pickle and cheese sandwiches atm (very strange and I have always hated pickles and anything pickled flavoured!), so have been eating way too much cheese. I'm going to write down what I eat each day, even if I don't want to. Any advice very welcome. Hope everyone else's pregnancies are going well :) x
    Last edited: 15 March 2013
  17. LucyNewMum

    LucyNewMum Silver Member

    Okay what I ate yesterday:

    Cheese and pickle sandwich
    Bowl of crunchy nut and Kitkat chunky
    Another cheese and pickle sandwich
    Lots of chopped cucumber with ham
    Another Kitkat chunky
    1/2 garlic bread with chicken tikka( no rice)
    Lots of water and tea

    Oh dear not a good day at all when I see it written out :( had a zumba session at 8 till 9pm so when I got home I was starving, was planning on just having something light but the chicken tikka was calling to me lol
  18. Cas3

    Cas3 Gold Member

    Omg your already a quarter way through! hope your feeling well, have you got a due date yet xx
  19. LucyNewMum

    LucyNewMum Silver Member

    Hi cas :D feeling good tar no morning sickness which is probs why I've eating like a pig lol.
    Due date is 10th October judging from my lmp, but I've got a scan in a few weeks so it will probably change x
  20. Cas3

    Cas3 Gold Member

    That's good hun, they always seem to change the dates, I ate loads of cheese and pickle sandwiches in my last pg x
  21. LucyNewMum

    LucyNewMum Silver Member

    I've heard it's quite a common craving if ur expecting a girl lol. How are u are the girlies? X

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