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Pregnant - want to follow plan but struggling!

Hey All,

It has been a while since I posted. I have well and truly been off the wagon, haven't really been able to get back on plan since Xmas!

I then found out I was pregnant (8 wks and haven't told many ppl!!)!! I've been so so tired and feeling queasy most of the time, so haven't had interest in cooking and just wanting to eat dry foods (white bread, toast, chips) but I really don't want to be in the position I was with my other 2 pregnancies. I felt so low after the birth due to my size.

I've gained about 10lbs on the last 5 months due to being off plan and want to get those off and then just have pregnancy gain rather than me getting podgy.

Does anyone have tips for helping keep the sick feeling at bay without using loads of syns?

On plus side, I am off wine and really don't want coffee, so could use syns wisely, but it is the mornings and tiredness I am struggling with.

Thanks all :)
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i found ginger beer worked, morrisons do a sugar free one 2 x 2ltr for 80p, or tea bags with ginger in them helped too, the folic acid tablets i had also had ginger in them, got them from boots!

i dont even know how much i put on, was working in mcd's as a manager, so my crew kept bringing me food, so not good!
Hey i know just how u feel. Im 36 weeks today, and have tried to stick to plan failing badly, making me quite miserable. I have now decided with only 4 weeks left i want to get into swing of things before baby comes and be prepared. I have started a diary, called during and after pregnancy weight loss (i think) so feel free to read.
Thanks for the replies!

eilidhsmummy - I have no idea why, but I had totally forgotten about ginger this time around (doh!) Great idea to try the low cal ginger beer.

yummy-mummy2b - Good luck with getting back on track. I tried hard in my last pregnancy too, but I find the exhaustion really hinders my best efforts. I just really don't want to get back to where I was before. Will definitely take a look at your diary - thanks :)

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Firstly congratulations Hun!

When I fell pregnant, I couldnt stick to SW plan at all...totally went off salads etc and gained 5 stone in the process!!! eeeek!

Anyway, try things like banana on toast - dont mush it as that will become synned, just slices in the morning to give you that little bit of a boost.

Also, 10lbs in 5 months is a really good steady gain - you should have a gain when pregnant anyway as you know. Stick to EE plan if you can as this will give you and baby a little of everything that you need.

Take care

Hi Couteaux!

I am eight and a half weeks, with my first, and I have been struggling with the plan more than usual!

I feel queasy quite a lot, and it seems every tea I prepare I don't fancy when it's on my plate! Toast makes me feel better, so I'm having over my HEB and synning it.

I am craving junk food, pizza, chocolate, McDonalds, not like me at all!!!

However, all my syns used to go an alcohol so I suppose I now I have more syns to play with for things like this!

I have still been losing weight, and am hoping to continue to lose weight under the second trimester.

I have superspeed soup a lot, I'm sure this helps with the weight loss and is really good for baby due to the amount of veg and beans!! Do a search on here and you'll find the recipe. It's really filling and tasty!

Hope this helps!

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