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I found out yesterday that I'm pregnant, other than this being a huge shock I am in a bad way.

Don't get me wrong I want the baby, no issues there the issue is I am 21 stone and 4 wks gone.

I have just been reading about the horrendous problems women have when they are just a little overweight and I am scared stiff.

Has anyone been at or around my weight and pregnant, please help me out as i'm so scared:(
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Hun congratulations first off, I would say make an appointment to go to your GP, they will advise you the best eating patterns to follow for you and the baby, I know SW and WW are approved for pregnant ladies. The more you stress the more it will stress your body so try and relax. Just enjoy it and take Folic Acid. The doctor will prescribe it for free as you are pregnant. Take Care hun xx
First of all hun, congratulations! What fantastic news. Secondly, don't worry. I was overweight with my last 3 pregnancies and completely sailed through them! I didn't have high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, swollen ankles or any of the problems said to be associated with being overweight. Also, pregnancy has been the only time that I have actually lost weight and I ended up a stone lighter at the end of my last two pregnancies than at the beginning! Good luck hun, it's not all doom and gloom. x


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Definitely make the appointment with the GP.

However you now have the perfect excuse to eat completely healthily just a little more than you should with the occasional craving treat! Darling how exciting and motivating just eat really healthy and remember your not eating for 2, although you are?? apparently you only need to eat an extra 200 or 300g of food a day. I heard this from a nurse! might be worthwhile asking your GP about this also?


YAY will it be a boy or a girl? who knows!
Congratulations. I was 17stone when i had my wee girl and didnt have anything go wrong. all i got was swollen feet a few days after i had her!! my feet were huge!!!!!

becky xx


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CONGRATULATIONS!!! Make an appt with your GP so that they can discuss with you what to do. I hope it all works out. D


please try again
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hope you have a long and uneventful pregnancy with a beautiful baby at the end :)
congratulations hun relax and enjoy being pregnant xx

do make an appointment with your gp, mine was brilliant, as I was overweight they made me an appointment with their dietician who supported me throughout the pregnancy, so I didn't put on any extra (if that makes sense).

Good luck
Congratulations - but i dont think youl be able to stay on cd being pregnany unfortunately. Sw and ww allow it and i was pregnant when om slimming world and continued to lose weight until i was 25 weeks gone and was lighter whene i had my daughter then when i started off!!!


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i was lighter too at the end of my pregnancy, i was 15st and carried twins to full term with no problems at all, i also have a friend who was over 20 stone when she got pregnant, she had a few issues with blood pressure and her baby was a few weeks early but other than that she and he were fine.

enjoy your pregnancy and take care


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Hey only just saw this or would have replied earlier...

I was nearly 23stone when I fell preggers with my little girl. Had horrific morning sickness early on and lost 1st 7lb by 20 weeks! piled it back on of course by the end.

Just wanted to say that I had a trouble free pregnancy - no high blood pressure (low infact), no diabetes. In fact the only thing I had were a few extra scans - which was brilliant as far as I was concerned!!!!

This is a great site if you are interested... a forum full of plus sized pregnant ladies and plus sized mummies :)
Pregnant and plus-size


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Hey congraulations, congratulations, congratulations. x x x x x x x

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