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Premium -v- Economy?

Discussion in 'Slim And Save' started by Mia, 10 November 2011 Social URL.

  1. Mia

    Mia Skinny girl in a fat body

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    Hi everyone, I am currently on Extante but have done Cambridge lots of times too. I have decided to 'mix & match' between Exante and Slim & Save. I went on the S&S website and ordered the female 28 day order. Tried the hazelnut shake, the vegetable soup, the lemon bar, the chocolate bar and the museli bar. The bars are ok, not great but the soup and shake were rank :sick0019:. Can't afford to waste it though so will just have 1 a day or something.

    Anyway, was reading a few threads and was just wondering, what is premium and economy? I paid £99 for 84 products and would much prefer the premium obviously. How can they make 2 different products on the same diet? Surely each pack must have all the vitamins, nutrients, proteins etc so all should be premium quality? Could someone explain to me please.
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  3. BordersGirl

    BordersGirl Feeling great in 2012!

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  4. Pheonix2010

    Pheonix2010 Silver Member

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    you have the premium by the sounds of it , the value stuff is old stock and i think they will sell it then just have the premium

    it still has all the nutrition but doesnt taste as good

    i use the premium stuff and i dont find any of them taste bad although i wouldnt touch the soups , i find all vlcd soups rank

    i love the spag bol and porridge , the cottage pie is ok
    the truffa and white choc bars are lovely and i like alll the shakes

    so cant really relate to you not liking them , maybe you just need to find which ones you like

    I found the old shakes awful really , very watery ,
  5. girlsbig98

    girlsbig98 Silver Member

    Slim & Save 4 Per Day VLCD
    I have tried everything that S&S has (as have been on it since June)

    All of the products you mentioned are premium range and I believe I am right (based on the emails i have received) that the economy range is no longer in existence and hasn't been for a while now.

    They dont stock two ranges they simply stopped selling target slim (economy range) and changed manufactures earlier in the year and the remainder of the stock of the economy range was sold off on ebay as well as some deals on their site but clearly marked as economy.

    If you are having the soup have it from a mug it tastes nicer that way.

    The hazelnut I think is gorgeous and dont have any problems with any of the current flavours I 'enjoy' them all but as you are no doubt aware all taste buds are different I personally could eat an the exante bars and found the chocolate shake awful (bought them off ebay) put the choc orange bars in the bin the after taste in my mouth was awful but again many people on exante rave about them, it just what you prefer and everyone different x
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