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preparation for my exante return

I plan to return to exante as soon as I get back to uni, so in about 3 weeks. I lost ALOT last year on exante but as soon as xmas struck I lost my mojo and I have managed to gain 2 stone back and it has made me thoroughly miserable.

I have recognised that I was doing it all for the wrong reasons last year, I was doing it to please people around me and for a certain boy. I am now in a happy relationship and in a really good place in my life except my weight is dragging me down. I am currently around the 15 stone mark, I got down to 13 stone from 20 stone before and I would like to just finish the journey. I would like to be in the 12's for new years eve and then I will lose the remaining 3 stone using working solutions or weight watchers. I just need to get rid of the initial gain :(

So my question is this, what can I be doing during these 3 weeks to mentally and physically prepare myself for a truly successful journey this time around?
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Hi jools
I'm planning to go 100% in a couple of weeks and will be going back to uni too. I've got a few meals out for family birthdays and a christening to go to so can't start any sooner than that. In the meantime I'm doing a couple of packs a day plus a meal to ease myself in gently. I'm also trying to drink lots of water and exercise more.
Your story sounds similar to mine, I went from 16 stone to 10 1/2 on lighter life but now am back to 15 stone and would love to be 12 stone for Christmas
Best of luck - it's not easy but I remember last time it was sooooooo worth it for the feeling of being slim again
hey, maybe we could buddy up? I was thinking of reducing my carbs and getting into ketosis in the lead up to exante, so maybe 100g this week, 80g next week, 60g the week after and so on and so forth.

feel free to add me on facebook, racheal giuliano
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To be honest, I wouldn't necessarily do anything different with your diet, the preparation needs to be 100% mental.

If you did want to start changing food intake to prepare, then I'd recommend doing the Simple Solution (3 packs + 600cals) in order to ease yourself in rather than starting one completely new diet before then putting yourself straight onto another one. I'd argue that there's no point in aiming to start cutting back on food now, because if you don't manage to put yourself in ketosis you'll just be hungry and miserable all the time, and that's not a good mental place to be stating TS from. And even if you do manage to put yourself into ketosis, I think that you may as well have immediately started the TS because it's the going into ketosis part that makes the first week of TS bearable.

Certainly don't have two packs and the one low cal/carb meal - the whole point of TFR is it gives you 100% of your daily nutrition, so only having 66% and a meal that probably won't provide the other 33% is worse than having three packs and the same meal.

As for mental preparation: set a start date, plan how you're going to manage the TFR around your life, read up about it and look at other people's progress in order to max out your feelings of positivity with regard to doing the TFR. The more excited and positive you are before starting, the easier it's going to be and the more likely you'll be successful. And when you get to the start date: start. No excuses.

Most importantly: this isn't you trying to lose two stone of regained weight and then a bit more after "letting yourself go" or similar. This is you deciding to continue your weight loss progress, having already managed to lose and keep off 5 stone from last year.

Which is an awesome achievement, and you shouldn't forget it.
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I remember reading your story before... U inspired me to turn to exante. I'm glad your happy. Welcome back and i think your idea of reducing the net carbs is a fab idea. Xx
I would start using the shakes but the whole reason I have to wait is because I have absolutely no money until my student finance comes in, so I am essentially living off of my mum at the moment as all my savings have gone towards post grad study.

Thanks for all the advice though!
S: 14st7lb C: 12st9lb G: 9st6lb BMI: 26.1 Loss: 1st12lb(12.81%)
Hah! I forgot about the financial trials of being a student. The most successful diet I've ever been on was just after I'd left Uni. It was called the "Rent or Food" diet.

Quite easy to stick to, actually, especially over the winter months.
haha, I feel I will be on that diet when I graduate this year! Actually exante is the cheapest way of doing it £25 a week, cant grumble!!
S: 14st7lb C: 12st9lb G: 9st6lb BMI: 26.1 Loss: 1st12lb(12.81%)
To be fair, it says a lot about my complete lack of sense of fiscal responsibility that one of the reasons that I was happily able to justify Exante to myself was that I realised I'd only be spending in a month what I currently spend a week on food and alcohol.

Well, going to need to afford the new wardrobe somehow...
I've sent you a friend request on facebook. Buddying up sounds great to me :) the more support the better! Lots of family/people I work with on facebook and I haven't broached the subject of doing 'that diet' again with them yet so please don't out me just yet lolol
When are you planning for your start date?
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Yeah more students, and welcome back. I agree with the following a low carb diet for now and only having 3 meals a day- to get you in the habit of eating 3 shakes a day and being in ketosis.

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