Preparing food is making me feel sick.


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I've just done the childrens lunchboxes and breakfast (I have 4 children of my own plus breakfast for 4 childminding children).

This mornings breakfast menu was toast with fried eggs. I've managed to cook all 8 but the smell is making me feel so sick.

Was the same last night when my own children were making their pizzas for tea, I was fine until the cooking smell. I could still smell it when I came downstairs this morning.

I guess it's kind of good that I'm not being tempted. But I have to still be able to prepare meals for the children, I'm a lone parent so there is no one else to do it.

It's freezing here as I've opened all the window to get rid of the smell! :8855:

Does anyone else feel ill at the thought/smell of food? I've been SS for 6 days now.
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yes it is normal,i to have to look after my lot cooking and bake-ing,i do it on auto pilot now lol.i still cant sit in a room where they eat i wash up or go and sit on the step outside,i think the neighbours think my hubby keeps chucking me out haha
I felt like that for a few days in week one, it did ware off. I also have four children and hate making meals for them, i have to resist and not pick at the food, i also have to go away from them while they eat ( which i don't like doing) but you have to do whatever not to cheat on this diet. I'm glad the sickness has warn off and hope that yours does too..... xkeep strongx


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ooh i was totally opposite when preparing food i was sniffing everything loads and loads...weird!


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I like the smell of certain foods but some not at all! I hate the smell the day after for some reason.

My OH eats lots of onions and garlic, I used to too but if I smell it on him now I cant stand it, even though I probably used to smell the same!