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Preparing for LT

Hi everyone, I'm new here today.

I'm starting LT in a couple of weeks - after I get back from my first holiday in over ten years (something I'm not spoiling with shakes!)

What I'm a bit concerned about is preparing for LT. It's the massive carb withdrawal I'm dreading, being a bit of a carb junkie. I'm trying to get myself into the habit now of drinking the 2 litres of water, which isn't too hard, but in terms of meals I think I'll struggle. I guess just cut out carbs and eat very small amounts less often?!

I'm 25 and weigh around 230lbs, so I want to lose about 6st in the end. I really struggle to keep up motivation without seeing any results, like with WW (1lb after counting points all week is NOT a result to me!). I'm hoping LT will work well for me and be the kick up the bum I need.

So any advice for a newbie at VLCDs preparing to start one? I'm up for the challenge of the diet, but even building up to it seems daunting!

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Best advice regarding carbs that I can give to you is to cut down on your carbs a few days before starting lipotrim.

Good luck on lipotrim. The first few days are the hardest for some but others sail through them, you could be one of the lucky ones.

If you can get over that first week, the loss should give you great motivation to continue, its simply the best diet I have ever done.


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I'm on my second day of ss not lipotrim but another vlcd. I reduced my carbs and caffeine for about four days before starting while increasing water. Just gave myself a target of low carb breakfast on day one, low carb breakfast and lunch on day 2, all three meals low carb on day 3, on day 4 no snacking and all low carb meals. By then I was caffeine free and legging it to the loo all the time cos of all the extra water. But my first day ss went much better than expected. I did have slight headache but today no headache.

I think its just finding the right approach for you. I decided to cut down over 4 days cos the thought of waking up one day to no food terrified me!

Good luck with whatever you decide.



Here we go again!
I think to prepare yourself mentally is a big help. I had about 3 months to prepare to come on this and it really did help. Knowing I would not be eating and thinking about it really did seem to help me. If you are a carb junkie just try to cut down a few days before starting. I didn't get headaches in the first few days and you might not either. The first week can be a little tough but get through it and that first weigh in will really spur you on. I've found this diet very different to other ones in that you still have good losses even well into the diet. Had my week 19 weigh in today and lost 3lbs. I've been averaging about 4lbs a week so far and find that incredible. I also find others diets very demoralising when you only lose a pound here and there.

If you want to lose a lot of weight this diet can do it. Just stick to it 100% and drink plenty of water and it will work wonders. Good luck.
Hi Chinny,
Definitely cut the carbs, sugars, treats, alcohol before you start. I didn't and am on day 4 now and have had the detox from hell!! Only myself to blame......however waking up today my eyes look clearer, I don't feel bloated, in fact I'm in the mood for a good long walk. Yippee!!
If you are a food freek (this is like AA admitting to your big weakness) like me, LT seems the BEST way to face this addiction. I thought I would not be able to be around food and weaken at the knees at the sight, but somehow its fine. I am cooking my husband really healthy meals, putting more thought into it, and feel quite able to just have my shakes and yes...take the advice from all....LOTS and LOTS of water.
And talking of advice this forum is FANTASTIC. So you are on the right track gal. Good Luck!!


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I guess i was one of the lucky ones as i dont think i have ever struggled on this diet and have been on 16 weeks now (actually 16 weeks tomorrow lol) sure there have been times where i have had cravings and 'fancied' something but not once have i ever been tempted.

As for preparing - the best you can do is prepare yourself mentally - like Bev said. I had decided before christmas that i was going to do this and then started at the end of jan.

I didnt cut down on anything before i started, infact i ate more!! In the week leading up to me starting i had mcdonalds, kfc, dominoes pizza AND mexican!!!!! Looking back i now see why the hell i got so fat - but ya know thats part of the journey!!

Good luck honey, enjoy your holiday and keep posting on this site, it really is the best :D You may find the first week easy or you may find it hard but stick to it 100% and that first weigh in will really keep you going!!! Your weigh in day wont come around quick enough i tell ya! lol :)
Thanks for the replies everyone! Still haven't decided on a definite start date, I'm going back to get supplies when I get back from my holiday. I'm excited, yet dreading it. I'm sure everyone feels that way. Also need to buy some scales...

I'm going to keep up to date with this forum as much as I can and hopefully it will help me when I'm feeling glum and bread-deprived!


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NO!! dont buy scales for your house!!!!!!!

Just keep to the one set of scales whilst you are on LT - the ones you get weighed on at the chemist :D
Hi Chinny, well everyone said a person who loved eating, shopping and cooking food like me could NEVER do LT....well they were SOOO wrong! Its the best and fastest diet I have ever done. I am now the size thats right for my age and frame. I, like Summergurl was never tempted even when I was baking fresh bread and cakes. I did, however, want to eat a few times in the first two weeks but then it was totally great! Not having to work out what to eat each mealtime...no points to count...and I had so much energy. I am re-feeding now and amazingly, I'm absolutely not tempted to eat anything that's remotely unhealthy. You MUST do this, the weeks simply fly by!


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summergurl - there's no way I'm not buying scales!! I plan to weigh myself before going for weigh ins. THis might sound daft but I've banned scales from the house for years because I can't bear getting on them - I really want to be able to step on them in the bathroom and be pleased with what I see and squeal a lot, and then when I go to the chemist I can pretend to be all cool and calm about it lol.


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Summergurl's right though, it could end up de-motivating you as you'll get a different result from your scales to the ones at the chemist. I'm the total opposite to you, I weigh myself all the time :copon:
Summergurl's right though, it could end up de-motivating you as you'll get a different result from your scales to the ones at the chemist. I'm the total opposite to you, I weigh myself all the time :copon:
Well in that case I'll just pay attention to whichever is higher :D

Seriously though, as long as the number is going down, I'll be happy. I know I just won't be able to wait a whole week :p
Welcome and good luck, whilst some fly through LT I think its fair to say that the majority of people do have the odd wobble, this site is great for keeping you on the straight and narrow and some of the LT stars will give you some great advice. This is such a personal thing everyone with their own difficulties with the diet....how do I cope at work or whilst making the family tea but what ever your problem or if you just need some advice pop on here and let everyone know as there will always be someone who has experienced it or can help.

I like to weigh myself every day, i have calabrated my scales to the chemist so i know the difference, I find it motivating to see the 1lbs dropping off daily.

I'm not a great advert but i do try and I have lost 50lb now which has made a huge difference to me. Small goals and lots of focus! good luck


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enjoy your holiday. its great that you are taking time to prepare for the lipotrim. i have just started it. had a few headaches - think it might be withdrawel from cafeine.

admit to the sin of weighing myself daily (sometimes more often!) just seeing the scale going down.

do you think you really will be calm and cool when you are weighed at the chemist? i cant wait for my first weigh in on saturday
Well I have a little idea of what I'm letting myself in for. I confided in a friend I was planning this and she said her mum had done it (lost a stone and stopped) and had a few shakes left over - did I want to try one? Yes I did! So I've brought a chocolate and strawberry home, and currently drinking the chocolate one now...

It's not so bad, is it? Thought it would be worse. It's a bit maltyish. I wonder if I'll be saying that after two weeks of them...and I am drinking it on top of salmon and pasta, so it's a bit like an odd dessert :D I intend to try the strawberry for breakfast... I can't believe these are going to be my meals!! Serves me right for getting so big I guess :(
I didn't really prepare my body for the withdrawl of food before I started the diet, I just got really excited about fitting into clothes in my wardrobe and then being able to buy smaller clothes than I already had. The first week's loss is amazing and that really keeps you motivated for the next week. Like others on here I had a major binge before starting the diet. Think last supper! Just try to keep busy and make sure you keep a glass by the kitchen sink and everytime you go into the kitchen have a couple glasses of water.

Good luck and just bite the bullet, go the day after your holiday and use your holiday as your last meal for a while!
I'm really impressed with all the happy friendly people on here :) loads of other forums are really critical and b****y, but not here! From what I've seen so far ;)

Well I've tried the strawberry one as well now, and again it doesn't seem too bad...it doesn't really taste of anything, I can't understand why it made my mate's mum retch so much! I have a vanilla and soup to try as well so that I can rule out any that I find too disgusting when I get my supplies from the chemist!

Thanks again for all the tips :)
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