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Preparing to slim?!

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Hi all I'm a lurker who has decided to take the plunge and post for the first time :D

Anyway, I have looked through the newbie threads and I can't find what I'm after. Basically, I am waiting for surgery at the moment, nothing major but my friend is good mates with her SW consultant and had an informal chat with her, and she said she can't really let me join until after the op. Which is fine, I'm quite impressed actually that she didn't just chase the money! But my doctor advised me no dieting until I've had it, not even when I argued that it's just healthy eating really. So no joining a group until after the op :(

But I got the SW books off my friend and I have started to follow it a bit. I'd say I'm starting to 'think' SW rather than actually follow it. I'm concentrating more on making sure I get all my nutrients so I'll be in good shape for the op. Also I'm getting my other half used to the idea that I won't be eating all the pies and takeaways he goes in for anymore (he doesn't need to diet - he's skinny as a rake as it is! Not fair!).

Is there anything else I can be doing while I wait? Is there anything you'd have done if you were starting out tomorrow? I feel like I should be harnessing my enthusiasm to actually do something, I'm just not sure what I can do IYSWIM.

Sorry for such a long first post!

Monkey x
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Hi Monkey, I hope the op goes well and that you heal well and quickly.:)

Think of this time as good for preparation. If I were you I'd clear out all the cupboards of 'naughty' food and start buying in those things that you will need once you can start SW for real.

Good luck with the op.
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Hi there!

Firstly good luck with your op...hope it all goes well for you!

I have been 'planning' to rejoin SW for a few weeks now, and am joining tomorrow night. I have done SW a few times before, and each time I do well for a week or so, and then fail miserably. So...I am determined that this time I will do it right.

I have spent the last couple of weeks getting my head around the fact that I am going to be on the plan, and getting ideas together as to how I'm going to do it. Usually I join on an impulse (I'd decide on the day and just go!), but this time it has been completely different.

I have cleared out my cupboards of anything out of date, anything I don't like, things I'm unlikely to eat - that could be something really good to get stuck into. Same goes for freezer and fridge, too.

I have then planned a couple of weeks worth of menus. I have really taken my time, and got lots of variety in there. I have also been thinking about strategies to help me cope when I hit any obstacles - boredom eating, comfort eating etc. I have been researching recipes. I have also started a blog as my own diary online with photographs.

I think because I've been doing all of these things I am really looking forward to joining now, and I've had a few weeks to accept that I'm going to be making some changes in the way I eat, and I want to embrace those changes.

I really hope all of that makes sense lol!



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Welcome aboard. I'm new to it myself and can only say I am enjoying it and find it a bit of an adventure. I have had a crash course in cooking and have not only binned the unhelthy, high fat/sugar stuff etc. but packed in all processed food.

I would advise you that for a while your freezer will be your best friend to eliminate waste. I have a surplus of Shepherds Pie & soup frozen for later. I even have my next 3 weeks worth of yorkshire puds which I made rather than Aunt Bessies lol.

Try varying your foods - and most important, USE YOUR SYNS. It is tempting to cut them thinking you will lose weight. Remember to have the odd glass of wine (if you like it) chocolate, or crisps etc.

Good luck with the weight loss and the op:)

S: 15st10lb C: 14st5lb G: 10st10lb Loss: 1st5lb(8.64%)
Thanks for your replies and your support and kind wishes!

I have already started to run down all of the 'unhealthy' foods that we have in the house, as I want this to be a lifestyle change and not just a diet. I can't think of it as being just a diet, or just for a little while, because if I do I know I will fail. I am feeling rather pleased with myself as well, because I'm not using 'getting rid of' as an excuse for eating it all, something I know I would have done in the past!

I am quite lucky I think as I am a pretty good cook and I enjoy it. My two big downfalls are red wine and the deli counter lol. Being able to still enjoy them occasionally makes all the difference and has given me confidence that I'll actually be able to stick this one out! I have to admit I had been tempted to cut out all of the syns for a little while and go for broke, but this forum has definitely shown me that that's not a good idea. So I'm going to start looking at how I can use them to make my diet more 'normal' to me, IYSWIM.

Izzygirl, I think that the menu planner is an excellent idea, and Steve you are a genuis too, I'm going to freeze some homemade ready meals so that I don't crumble the moment I have a can't-be-bothered day.
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Definitely DON'T cut out your Syns lol! All that will happen is you will start to feel deprived of the things you enjoy, and you will start to resent your new lifestyle change as you won't get any pleasure from it.

Luckily I don't drink, but chocolate is quite a downfall for me. I use ot often to comfort eat, as it does give me that feeling of being 'naughty', which gives me immense satisfaction! So, what I'm doing this time round, is making sure I have planned in my chocolate fix EVERY DAY with my Syns. In fact, I have got my 'Syn Tin' (which consists of 35 Syns worth of chocolate, cut up into bitesize pieces), which is 5 Syns a day over 7 days. That still leaves me with 10 Syns a day to play with, but I know I can dip into my Syn Tin at any time without feeling guilty - although once it's gone, it's gone!

I've then built in chocolate to my 10 Syns a day - not as bars, but I love Aero mousses and Cadbury's Light Trifles, so I make sure I have one of those after my evening meal. So I know that I'm not deprived, and I know there's always a chocolate fix just around the corner at all times! Somehow, when I know I can have something guilt free, it makes me want it less!

So...don't deprive yourself of wine and the deli counter - just make sure you account for them in your menu plan. That way you can have them guilt free and will be much less likely to go mad! If you haven't filtered them into your daily Syns allowance, you're likely to think 'oh one glass will be ok', but then you will feel guilty, and want more because you've already gone over for the day anyway!

Sorry for rambling lol!


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