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Pretty Face.

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Hi Ames
Just read your diary and really feel fo you, it must hve been tough for you. People can be really cruel.
Youv'e done the right thing coming on LT. You will feel so much better, not just for the weight loss, but on the inside feeling proud that you are doing something so positive for yourself.
This forum is fantastic for making friends in the same boat as yourself and gaining motivation and any help you require.
I look forward to see your first loss. Good luck and keep positive.
Emma x
Good morning everybody

I was reading your entry Ames people can say such nasty things. Someone recently told me that a 'friend of a friend' asked them what happened to me I used to be thin and really good lucking and that I must have let myself go! I was raging but it was one of the few comments I was starting to get that spurred me on to lose weight. For myself but also to put 2 fingers up to that person whoever it was (pardon my french). I was 8 stone up until I was 30 then I gradually put on weight. I'm 35 now. At the begining of lipotrim I weighed in at 14st 4. It may be a size 18 which to some may not be that big but for me its 6 st. So here I go on my lipotrim journey look forward to chatting to you on your journey.
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thank you tinkerbell and 2 sizes smaller. I'm really enjoying the site, I've been reading the success stories and diary's for a few days now and the weight loss is amazing. I know LT will be a challenge, but its one I can hopefully rise 2.

I was at the doctors last friday and he asked if I had ever considered weight loss surgery, as he thought it would be a good option for me. I was kinda horrified. I knew I was very overweight but it had never entered my head that I was at a stage where my doctor would think my only hope was cutting me open and rearranging my bits! I know surgery works well for some people, but it seems so final. I guess that was motivation I needed.

I'm really looking forward to my family holiday, but already I'm getting comments like "you can't not eat on your holiday" or " just one week off won't hurt". hehe, its funny, cuz its excuses like that which got me where I am today. I was always going to change my diet next monday, or after such and such event. I will have been on LT a week when we go, and I am determined to stay 100%, because there will always be some excuse about to break being on LT and I think the moment I give into one of those excuses it will be over for me.
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Hiya honey, lots of luck! My GP recommended weight loss surgery for me, too, over a year ago. Still has taken me this long to finally decide to do something about it. I had dreadful trouble with swollen feet and ankles until I started lipotrim, even lying down at night didn't help. Also various aches and pains and lots of knee trouble.
I'm now almost at the end of week 5. Ankles like a gazelle (lost 2 inches off them already) - ok, a fat gazelle, but they feel great!- and no knee pain, in fact no aches at all.
Have had up days and down days on this, but I never thought I would find anything that works as well as this. Have a friend who has had a gastric bypass, and the weight loss on this is compareable to that, without the risks of surgery and complications. He looks really ill, in fact, and still hasn't beaten the food demons! He will eat a big mac then make himself sick because he feels so ill.
The best bit about this for me is the complete break from eating. Its a chance to rethink my attitudes to food and eating, so I can keep the weight off once I refeed.
Good luck for your holiday, ignore those people who say you have to eat, because you don't. I never thought I could last more than a few hours without food, but 34 days in, I feel fantastic.
Looking forward to hearing about your journey!


Back on the diet train...
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i hear you hun!!! i especially love the comments like 'you've got a very bonny face' and 'such a jolly personality' but like you said under the compliment is the 'but you are fat' tone that always manages to nip the sensitive bits of our self esteem thus making us eat more!! very vicious circle.

i also get what you say about the PE teachers, i still remember that feeling in the pit of my tummy before games.

people can be really cruel, worse when thay dont realise but just because you're big doesnt mean you cant hear or feel pain. it really irritates me how narrow minded some are. before i started LT i was steadily eating my way to an early grave (my mums words lol) and everyone would say why dont you just cut back, or not eat this and that!!! well if it was that easy dont you think i would!!!

stick with it hun and when you get to the weight you want to be you will show all those beeps a thing or to!!! :D. things ive noticed whilst on this diet is to definatly have something to fall back on in times of stress or upset!!! thats when i was really tested on this diet. it can be done hun, im proof of that, never thought i would last the week let alone 11!!!!

good luck and enjoy your holiday!!!



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Hi Ames
Welcome and good luck on your weight loss journey,
People can be so cruel,they think fat people are deaf !!!.I remember a few years ago on holiday with my Oh.We walked past an elderly couple sitting on a bench and I overheard one lady say to the other "shes a big girl istnt she",Im only 5ft 1in so knew she wasnt talking about my height. I wanted to go over and ask her why she made the comment but my OH said just ignore it and walk away.It really upset me.
Good for you for starting lipotrim.It gets easier the first few days are the hardest and by next week after a great weight loss you will be feeling really motivated to keep going.
Take care
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Thank you

Thank you all for your lovely messages :)

I'm on day 5 and I'm feeling good. Been kinda stressful the last few days, our 'new to us' car my OH and I got 4 months ago appears to have a crack in the engine box... :cry: can't help feeling the guy who sold it 2 us knew about it. Its so heartbreaking. Normally when faced with something like this I would eat the fridge and freezer, the dogs dinner and then order pizza with enough wine to sink the titanic, but I've been good. I'm a real comfort eater and I know that is something I need to learn to control if I want to maintain after LT.

On the subject of rude people, the comments I get from young lads hanging about on the street don't really bother me in the sense that they are a) young b) more then likely not to bright c) trying to impress there friends. The comments that REALLY annoy me come from people that I feel really should know better, like in your experience Cathy.

In our society the vast majority of people would never dream of openly commenting on a persons race, religion, sexuality or disability but if you are overweight then its open season and people act as though its their right to pass comment.


Lol, I really really don't get it. I mean its my body and I'm more than aware of what size I am. I'm not hurting anyone, but people seem to think that its O.K. to hurt my feelings because I'm fat.

Anyway, thankfully I'm in control of my body and its something that I can change and that I am going to change. I'm going to take the moral high ground and just pity the thoughtless people because they will always be thoughtless :p
Ames I can so empathise with you. I just posted my first thread and what did I say I hate it when peolpe say oh you have such a pretty face - my usual response is yeah pitty about the rest of me!

As if we need reminding. I'm 27 and 20stone and a half and like you a real comfort eater.

Keep at it and keep your head held high and forget about everyone else and their opinions, that's what I'm tryin to do.


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Hey all, this is one of the most interesting threads on the site and thanks to Ames for getting it out there. I just want to add that whilst we may carry our baggage as weight on our bodies others carry theirs in lots of less visible ways. Your the one in control now because your acting on what you want and what's best for you. There's no-one else in the equation between us and food! To me anyways, that's a really nice thought knowing I'm finally in control :)
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Return from skeg vegas

hello all, just got back from 5 day stay in butlins skeggy with the OH's family.
Now the plan was to stay 100% while there, I survived the 1st day, BUT on the day now forever known as Fat Tuesday I fell off the wagon. I was bored and miserable, which made the OH miserable. I was armed with a very long list of excuses which at the time seemed perfectly valid:
1) I was on holiday
2) a little chicken won't hurt
3) I'm ruining OH's holiday by not eating
4) I can get back to 100% as soon as I'm home.

So with my excuses firmly in place I ordered a mixed Grill... I left the chips thinking that if I avoided carbs it wouldn't be as bad... an hour later the OH ordered a chocolate sunday, well it wouldn't hurt me to just taste it... right? ofc I easily polished off half of it. Argh! so a distraction was needed. I voted for sexy vampires so we went to see the new twilight film. Still drinking just water managed to avoid all cinema related snacks.

Watched the film.

When it was finished the OH was starving so grabbed a hotdog... so long story short I had one of those as well followed by nutella covered pancake...

Later that night was lying in bed feeling rather sick wondering what the hell had come over me. My excuses seemed very weak and I was very very disappointed in myself. Eating like that is the reason I'm nearly 23stone and at the first sign of temptation I crumbled. I had completely lost sight of my long term goal and just gave into the instant gratification of stuffing my face.

I promised myself that I would not let one day of gluttony be the excuse for stuffing my face for the last 3 days I was there as well, so on Wed I was right back on the diet.

I have my 1st weigh in on monday which marks 2 weeks on lipotrip with a blip. I'm hoping I didn't ruin all the hard work with a moment of weakness, but I've learnt my lesson. 100% from now on. NO excuses.
S: 25st2.0lb G: 12st7.0lb

Just had 1st weigh in and have lost 13lbs, its also my TOTM so am very happy :)


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GOLD STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done you!!!


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Well done:party0019:
You have done really well especially including you trip to Butlins.Great control you will be at target soon at this rate.
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hey ames22 thats really good and im sure it was a really difficult time for you and i certainly dont think i could have cope as i just dont think i could trust myself but with time it will get easier. keep up the good work x x x


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how are you getting on hopeful?
S: 24st0lb C: 14st13lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 32.7 Loss: 9st1lb(37.8%)
i am doing ok i have 18lb off in 2 weeks and still going 100% feeling great on it now although definatly dont think i could cope without all the great support i recieve in here x x x

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