Price increase- They've gotta be kidding

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  1. Just starting lipotrim for the 3rd time (well I was!) I've just completed day 1 with some old sachets I had. It's been relatively easy but decided to have a nosey on here to read some positive stories. It's the first couple of weeks of January and I expected the Lipotrim forum to be buzzing with new starters, full of new year resolutions and goals, how wrong could I be, there's hardly a post on this section of the forum compared to previous years, but why???

    Well it doesn't take long to work that one out, there's inflationary rises and then there's what Lipotrim have done, the male lipotrim used to be £47 and they have banged it up to £60! More than 25% increase during the worst recession the country has seen, someone must be smoking crack! No new products, just sheer greed, hopefully the drop in sales will give them just reward!

    Its clear to see why most seem to have migrated to Exante or Slim and Save etc More choice and it would seem much better value

    Sorry rant over from this really annoyed ex-lipotrim user, profiteering at its worst!!
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  3. BIGTsmallt

    BIGTsmallt Full Member

    I'vejust ordered exante. 50 chocolate milk shakes for £68.
    You'll have to have 3 a day though, as that will hit 600 calories plus they're 50 grams each. Our male one on lipotrim are 75 grams each. 50 sachets will last 2 weeks 3 days.
  4. LipoLoser

    LipoLoser Member

    exante is cheaper but i think it tastes horrid, more variety but no point if you dont like them
  5. BIGTsmallt

    BIGTsmallt Full Member

    It's true. Their chocolate milkshake isn't as nice. But it's an acquired taste.motivates me to make sure that I don't pile the weight back on.
    U lose exactly the same as lipotrim minus the pharmacy visits. It suites me as I never weight at the pharmacy anyway. The local lady at the pharmacy is a triathlete, a good one too, and she's very nasty about this diet. So for a long time I've just gone in and got the packs. No weighing, no lingering than I needed to.
    I've got a tanita bc543 weighung scale. Much more accurate than their old cheap scale anyways
    Although some people really do need the pharmacist folk motivate then . For me it was opposite. I'm lucky that I can motivate my self. Bought a really expensive road bike. My goal is it ride it this summer. Another 2 months minimum on vlcd for me.
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