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Extra Easy Principles of Extra Easy?


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Can someone please explain the basic principles of how Extra Easy works? It seems to be good to be true and I am not sure I've grasped it correctly. The SW consultant whipped through it when I joined on Tuesday and I feel so overwhlemed.

I have no idea what meals I can have on EE.

I will have a read of the big sticky above I was just wondering if someone had the time to break down the basic principles of EE to me.

I get that its a 2/3 free or superfree foods.

Thanks in advance, I do apologise for all the threads, I;m just so worried about getting it wrong so need help!
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Will be thin god dammit!!
Easiest way i can describe is this
Meat fish etc are free
Potato, rice pasta are free
1 x healthy extra A a day
1 x healthy extra B a day
Then all free and super free ( obviously ) are free
Every thing else needs to be sinned

Recommend that you snack on superfree stuff to speed your loss ad when making a plate of food try and have at least 1/3 super free if poss!


Will be thin god dammit!!
Well yes - although its all free i think portion control is the key
I mean just cos a muller light yoghurt is free you dont need to eat 4 a day and if a cooked chicken is free you dont need to eat the whole thing!
However if you feel you are hungry and need more to eat you always have that option and can tuck into a plate of slimming world chips without using any syns!
Im sure someone else on here may have different views but thats my philosophy!


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So I had a small fillet of tuna steak with cous cous and courgettes. So is this all free on extra easy? Cos I'm confused with the tuna - I was under the impression it was only free on original?


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If a food is free on red it is also free on EE
If a food is free on green it is also free on EE

tuna is free on red, so free on EE
cous cous is free on green, so free on EE
courgette is free on both and so also free on EE

Hope that helps!
Is there a list anywhere of free foods?
I'm going to be joining SW on Monday but wanted to actually start tomorrow. I want to follow the EE plan.
Cath xx

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