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  1. leeannemc

    leeannemc New Member

    Hello, I am new to the site and am hoping someone can help me with a couple of questions I have.....
    I am on week 3 of my pro points and was wondering if I HAVE to use all my daily propoints, most days I do but yesterday I only used 23 instead of my daily 29 allowance, I did not eat anything else as I was not hungry and felt I shouldn't eat if I didn't want it. Surely that is common sense when dieting, eat when hungry not for the sake of it!!? I did text my meeting leader asking this question but she did not reply which was nice of her!
    If anyone could tell me whether I need to use all my daily propoints every day or it stops weight loss or not I would be really grateful.
    I had done the old points system a few years ago and the rule there was that you could not eat under 14 points per day.
    I would really appreciate some advice.
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  3. Curlz

    Curlz Hiya Chucks!!

    Hello..The rule is use em or lose em...I would try and eat your dailies or you could have a hot chocolate instead just try and have something that will total your 29 daily allowance.....hth :)
  4. leeannemc

    leeannemc New Member

    Thanks for advice, hot choc is good idea for me. Thank u.
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  5. hannata

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    It will be forgivable for a day, or two, but don't let it run on for weeks.

    If you are supposed to eat 29 eat 29.

    If you are supposed to eat 29 and eat say...26, your metabolism will say...."right I gotta adjust to survive on this amount of energy" and will drop. Long term its VERY bad for you and detrimental to your health.

    Then you decide... okay I'm going back to what I should be on.. my 29pp. But wait, your metabolism will be set to "absorb" 26... so you've got an overeat of 3pp. Which means you risk gaining weight until your metabolism readjusts itself.

    ww say you can't carry over.. and that's about the height of their stance on it. But I mean if you can't follow it properly you may not lose the weight... that's the long and short of it.

    You don't want to binge either... the key is planning your food the day before. If you struggle try using full fat butter or semi/full skimmed milk to use up some of your points in a healthy way. And include a treat, they are allowed! Good luck with your journey x
  6. Bindi

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    Well said Hannata!
  7. kagome75

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    if you're not hungry, by all means don't have more food. However, as rightly pointed out by Hannata, if you keep on eating less points than you should, your metabolism adjusts to eating less food and hence, as soon as you eat more you put on weight. This becomes a vicious circle that forces you to eat less and less and forces your body to cannibalise itself to make up for the deficit. This stops your weight loss and makes you eat even less, which forces your body to cannibalise itself more and so on...

    By "cannibalise" I don't mean burning fat... but eating its own muscle. This decreases your metabolism because fat doesn't burn anything to survive while your muscles burn calories even if you stand still, for the blood to flow through and the cells to live and repair themselves and etc. So when you eat more, your body just stores the surplus as fat and you put on weight.

    Of course this won't happen if you eat 23 points one day and then you eat normally after, but if you start eating less EVERY day, then your body will just do that!
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