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Pro points in Chocolate bars

Please can you post the propoints of chocolate bars , especially ones you thought were surprisingly low

The only way to get through the day is knowing theres a treat at the end of it

At the moment Im saving points for 5 to 7 Jaffa cakes in the evening (my dangerous time of day)

I know a curly wurly is 3, so is a milky way , but what others are quite low that I can fall back on for some variety

Im eating really healthily all day , lots of fish and salad and wholegrain cereals, so one naughty food is my reward

p.s I only started 4 days ago but so far so good, Im surprised how uncomplicated it is , and Ive been surprised at many things I was eating that are healthy but high in points ...sweetcorn , raisins and kidney beans to name a few

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Serial Foodie!
1 finger of twix is 3PPs and 1 finger of Twirl is 3PPs (i lurve twirls) and a creme egg is 5PPs (i love them even more!)
A crunchie is 5pp, the WW bars are also lovely...rich toffee bar 2pp!!

That means a WW rich toffee bar and a nescafe skinny mocha for 4pp-such a treat!! :) xx


Serial Foodie!
oops, forgot to say, welcome to WWs... hope you enjoy it. peas are higher than i'd like! i had a tin of mushy peas when i first started thinking it bulked out my meal. I pointed it after and was shocked to find they were 9 PPs per tin!
Thankyou , yes I was pouring kidney beans and sweetcorn on salads to bulk them out but was shocked at the points
Ive swapped them for beetroot and mushrooms , both zero points
so Im hoping this new knowledge and a few small changes make a difference
Im dreading going back thursday and finding ive lost nothing even though im sticking to it and im not even using my weekly points because i dont think ill need them most weeks
i find it hard to beleive it will work as im eating so much
just found these on another thread

"kit kat chunky 7pp
kit kat 2 finger 3pp
maltesers 37g 5pp
crunchie snack size 28g 3pp
creme egg 5pp (thought these were 6 but it says 5 in the shop book?)
time out 2 finger 35g 5pp snack size 20g 3pp
twirl 2 finger 43g 6pp
celebrations 1pp each
Mars bars :- miniature 8g 1pp, funsize 20g 2pp, snack size 42g 5pp, standard 62g 8pp, large 91g 11pp
Milky way funsize 17g 2pp, standard 22g 3pp
Magic stars 31g bag 5pp
wispa bar 6pp
Cadbury chocolate buttons - 3
Milky bar chocolate buttons - 4
Wispa - 6
Galaxy - 8
Kit Kat - 3
Small milky bar - 2
Bliss bar - 6
Brunch bar - 4"

Time out, Twirl and wispa all look good to me. Still cant beat a curly wurly for points though

LittleMissThin 17

wants to be skinny ♥
Treat size twirls are 3pp :)
I've always been under the impression that a treat size Crunchie was 2pp not 3pp. Is this wrong..:-/


I need chocolate now!!!
I'm a newbie to pro points so am also happy to see my fav wispa is 6 pps! I impulse bought 4 curly wurlys today so I have to chomp my way through those first :) Although they are not chocolate, has anyone tried the WW Caramel Mallow Wafers? They are only 1 pp each and really satisfy that 'something sweet' feeling, yum!
Galaxy ripple is 5pp and really chocolatey so feels like a real treat! Knowing I have one in the fridge waiting for me to eat in the evening gets me through the day! In fact, I've just eaten today's now!

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