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Pro Points in homemade chips

Potatoes are 1pp for 50g. Weigh the potato before you cook it, as it changes weight once cooked. Cut it up into chips (you could leave the skins on for extra fibre). Up to you if you want to par boil before but they will cook quicker if you do. Stick them in a hot oven, spritz with fry light and you're good to go. If you use real oil be careful as its 1pp per teaspoon. You can get away with a good few sprays of fry light before you should start counting it (personally i never count it. Only count oil if im using the proper stuff).

Hope this helps. Enjoy your chips, what are you having with them?
thanks so much for that, was going to have a chicken breast done on george forman but will be having this tomorrow night now. Thanks again
Defo add some spices... I always do and it makes them feel way more bold. ;)
I use frylight if I'm making them for myself but if other people are eating em too I make them the "nicer" way with a little oil... 1 tbsp is 3pp but that would stretch to a lot of chips so its not so bad. I usually weigh out 150 - 200g of potato (3-4pp) and cut them in wedges. I dry them a bit with a teatowel and then I stick them in a bowl, add a spoon of oil (1pp) (or spray some frylight -0pp) then I put on some spices. Theres a yummy "all-season" spice, I'll check what brand it is later but its gorge on homemade wedges!! Then bang em in the oven for half an hour! I have em with chicken breast or steak or quiche (bold dinner ;)).
If you want to use real oil, you can get them all quite well-covered by putting your tsp oil or whatever, into a plastic food bag, adding the raw chips, and squishing them all up in the closed bag, then add your spices when theyre in the tin, also a sprinkle of semolina or polenta with the spices gives them a nice crunch
Where do you get the polenta hon? I've never seen it anywhere that I can recall?
Polenta, you could get in any health shop, also Tesco. It is yellow, with a coarse texture. Not sure if Dunnes do it, but semolina works fine, and you can get that in the baking section of any supermarket. You only need a tsp or so for the chips so I don't bother counting it
Oh lovely, thanks hon! I didnt realise semolina was the same sort of thing... Good to know, would love some crunchy chippies ;) x
Schwartz make a season all spice mix in a jar. Makes yummy chips. So does paprika.
Thats the one I'm thinking of! Schwartz Season-All and Spicy Season-All. Very yummy on wedges or chips :)
I sprinkle mine as well but also parboil them in stock as well, just for a bit of added flavour!
Well, semolina is ground wheat, and polenta is ground maize, but they both work well in this situation, just the semolina is a lot finer,and mixes well with the spices
thanks so much for the replies my chips were lovely with a bit of chilli and garlic added to them. I going to try some more variations over the weekend. Thanks again

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