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Pro points?!

Hi there! I'm completely new 2 this site, and 2 losing weight! Was a size 10 for a long time, until I stopped exercising as much and started eating more! I'm now a size 18 and dying 2 get back into my old size 10 clothes! I haven't joined weight watchers, however 10 years ago my gran was a member, and she gave me all her books. It's called 123 success? I worked out that I'm allowed 24 points a day, and have been doing that for the last 2 days. However, I bought some weight watchers crisps today and on the front the said something like "new propoints system" I have absolutely no idea what that is! Am I doing this diet wrong? Am I on some old, out of date diet? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


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This is how I am confused lol! When u say it's an old plan, in what way? Like, what makes it different 2 a newer plan? For example, the little booklet says that my rice I had tonight was worth 6 points, will rice now be worth a different amount of points??? :confused:

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I cant remember how 123 went at all...

Its an old plan in that it was replaced with Discover and now with Pro points.. WW just keeps evolving.

The points for Pro points are worked out totally differently to Discover and 123....

Which plan you do is up to you, a lot of people still do Discover and so long as youre working out the points correctly for the plan youre following - youll lose weight.


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u can do the plan u have got if thats what u want to do just make sure u point everything by the information you have got in ur booklets an ignore what it says on w/w packs of how many points they contain, use the nutritional info an work it out urself for ur diet. im on the discover diet which is the next one from u and although i dont buy much w/w food i do have to repoint if i do buy it, it seems like more work but u get used to it in the long run and just cause pro points is the newest it doesnt mean its best for everyone, so its up to u what diet u do, but i would stick to urs for a few weeks and see how much u loose if ur losses arent what u want u can try a diff w/w diet u can buy starter packs for the discover plan and propoints plan on ebay, not everyone can afford to go to meetings, good luck and let us know how u get on


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yeah like sarah88 says, you can't always rely on the packaging... its the same with the new system too, i've found a few things on the old Discover points programme.

The newer one works out at more points for food, but you do get somewhat more points to compensate. (and fruit is free on pp which is a BIG bonus)

Would you even consider going to one class to get the new ww stuff? Or go and acquire it on t'internets? (although in my opinion they are absolute con merchants on ebay :p)

Theres not a thing wrong with doing an old scheme but you probably will have little support with it as people have forgotten a lot of the old points systems.

In general the best way of calculating points for ANY plan is going by the nutritional values and using the guide in your pack.
To be fair to ebay sellers a lot of the over inflated prices are caused by demand not by their starting prices. When I was trying to get some WW and subsequently some SW stuff :rolleyes: things would start at a fair price and go to absolutely mad amounts purely because people want to buy them without classes. A friend of mine put SW books on ebay - starting price 99p and they went for over £20!!

You can buy all the books etc from WW online though...

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who replied to me!!! You've all been very helpful :) I am going to stick with the 123 success and see if I can lose any weight with it, before considering paying for a newer version (unfortunately I am pretty strapped for cash atm!). Found dieting verrrrrry difficult first day or two, but think I'm slowly getting used to the smaller portions and less snacking!

Again, thanks for all replies :)

Brooke x

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