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probably a stupid question ? but would appreciate help


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hi as ye know i'm on refeed, ;) and have been reading these threads for 2 months now, :D
the reason i went on lt was because i found it had to restrict myself on ww i knew what to eat but would constatly break it say i'd start the next day,:rolleyes: my intention was to lose the weight fast on lt and then maintain with ww type, basicly low calorie healthy eating,:flirt2:

but anyway my question is ! :rolleyes:

i dont feel like some of the food on refeed like bread or snacks as in fruit or youghart or diet coke:eek: and i'm wondering if i dont eat them on my 2 week refeed does it mean when i do eat them i will put on like 5 or 6 lb because of the way the glycon (or what ever you call it I cant spell) works ?:eek:

sorry if its a bit long winded and confusing, hopefully you get my point? :sigh:
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I didnt follow refeed strickly was much more careful with the carbs and I lost weight on refeed, I introduced carbs very slowly, and only have bread, rice, and pasta occasionaly.


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mini, thanks ya i have read all the refeed diary's and i dont feel like subsituting i was just afraid like if i didnt eat fruit or bread in the 1st week that then when i do it would cause problems with the glycogen

like today i ate a tuna wrap with tuna lettuce tomato onion peppers

then i ate chicken stirfry mushroom onion beansprouts peppers fryed in a little water and 5 spice

and obv had my shake this morning, but thats it didnt feel like anything else

Joy, thanks suppose thats what i was hoping to hear i want to lose a pound this week and hoping to eat same again next week on hols and then will decide wheather to stick to that for a while to lose last stone (if i losing on it) or wheather to do tfr again

so i suppose i just wondering am i doin harm by not eating fruit bread youghart etc?


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I'm not a lover of pasta & rice, and only ate bread (wheaten), potatoes and cereal as my 'carbs'. Since coming off LT though I've sort-of avoided them as I think I have an issue with carbs (i.e. I don't burn them off, just store them!) But I dont' feel I'm missing out at all as I'm having a wide variety of veg (which contain carbs!) & protein? I will occasionally have a wrap or a pitta, or the odd bowl of cereal. I do intend to add porridge/muesli to my foods as I get further into my maintenence, but will watch to see if they affect my weight?


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hi irish mum, so you didnt eat potato or fruit on refeed week?

your doing brill by the way congratulations
Yes, we are all different in the way we react to certain foods, which in turn can trigger binges. Lipotrim is definately the best way for you to re-examine your body's reaction to foods....carbs being the main culprit. Having not eaten food for 10 weeks, I really craved crispy salads and fish....when I was expecting to crave a giant french stick loaded with butter, strong cheddar and branston....and I've still not desired to eat that yet!!!!! My tastes have definately changed a lot. And if I eat something like a dessert on a meal out, I don't feel guilty and start binging when I get home. This has truly amazed me.


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I don't like fruit or yoghurt, so no!
I had two dinners where I had one boiled potato at each meal, but that was to be polite rather than the fact I wanted them? We were on holidays at my Hubby's aunt and she'd made dinner for us two evenings- turkey & beef with all the trimmings! As an Irish lass you'll know that means there was more spuds on the plate than anything! LOL! Luckily the gravy etc. was in a gravy boat so I could avoid it, but I managed to palm off most of the spuds onto my Hubby before she noticed! LOL!
As for doing brilliant...we'll see! It's early days yet, and I'd like to get the last few lbs off, but I'll be happy if I can keep off what I've lost so far! I can't go back to the pharmacy as my BMI is too low too, but I have about 2wks worth from a friend who couldn't hack it, so it's there if I want to do it for that long?


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No probs! Thats what we're here for...to share our trials & errors! LOL!

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