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Problem with flies HELP


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I seem to have a blue bottle infestation in my laundry room. All there is in there is a washing machine and tumble dryer. Ive had it all out, there's nothing dead in there. I just have no idea where they're coming from. I kill whats in there, and within a few hours, there's about another 20. I have no clue where they're coming from. What can I do, Im getting through cans of fly spray. I sick of clearing up dead flies.
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Do you live in a house of flat Dietingdon? You may need to contact environmental health department at your local council for them to come out and find the source of the problem. It may be they are coming from somewhere else.
Got this info for you from a website. Hope it helps......................
Bottle flies breed in damp organic material such as garbage and dead animals, therefore most of these pests found indoors actually originate from an outdoor source. Small numbers of Bottle flies in a structure usually point to an outdoor source. If large numbers of these flies are found indoors, it may be a sign of an indoor infestation. Indoors, look for signs of dead rodents or birds that may have been living in walls or crawl spaces, or even living in lower cabinets and under major appliances. Outdoors, inspect the area for dead animals; any nearby dumpsters or other garbage containers should be inspected.
Bottle Fly Elimination
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Blow fly and Bottle Fly elimination includes:
Sanitation measures not only include cleaning garbage containers and dumpsters, but also include moving such containers as far from buildings as possible and making sure that their lids are kept closed at all times. Check dumpsters for properly fitting lids. If amount of refuge is too much for the container, ask for a larger one or see that all dumpsters are emptied more often. Keep areas around dumpsters as clean and dry as possible. If a great deal of moist organic material is disposed on a regular basis, first place these materials in sealed garbage bags, then properly dispose of them outdoors. These flies have also been found in decaying grass (check your compost pile) and animal feces.
Exclusion involves properly fitted doors and windows which inhibit the migration of flying pests to the inside of buildings. Check for any vents or screens that need repair. Inspect for areas where birds or rodents have easy access to the building. Seal all cracks around doors and windows where even large flies can "squeeze through" tiny openings.
In cases where there are garbage containers or dumpsters, baiting and surface sprays should be used to kill flies. Baits should be re-applied after every cleaning or rainfall. Use baits inside dumpsters and the area around such trash containers, if there are no non-target animals (dogs or children) in the immediate area. Are there homeless people going through the trash at night? If so, do not bait inside the container, but bait the area surrounding the receptacle. Surface sprays should be applied to the surfaces where flies rest. They should also be used around windows and doors where flies try to enter a building. Wettable powders such as Cynoff WP will work best for this application.
Space sprays and pheromone traps can be helpful tools in eliminating indoor Blowflies, but the elimination of their breeding sources is the only guaranteed way to eliminate them. Make certain that all possible sanitation measures have been implemented before relying on chemical sprays to eliminate flies."


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I live in a house which is converted into 2 flats. They only seem to be in 1 small room (unless I open the door), and the downstairs flat isn't affected. I just don't seem to know where they're coming from. In this little room, there's nothing dead, no rubbish and no holes or cracks or windows open. Its a mystery.
Hiya :)

If you have wooden floorboards there may be a dead mouse or something underneath them. Years ago I lived in a converted house, I was in the top flat, when the man downstais got a cat, we for some reason got mice (one of my worst fears), they came up through the floorboards. If you really cannot find the source you will have to get the environmental people in. Good luck :eek:

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