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Problems with CDC

Hi guys

I have been on CD for 20 weeks now and have managed to loose 60lbs, which I am very happy with, my problem is my counsellor.

1) When I first contacted her she didn`t seem very enthused and I had to call again to get her to send the form for the doctor to sign.

2) At my first visit again she wasn`t very welcoming and hardly looked me in the face and was happy when I asked if I could come every two weeks rather than every week and made very it clear that she only did cd one day a week.

3) As the visits have progressed , I come away with the feeling that she was only interested in making money from me. I am in and out in less than 10mins which includes taking coat off, getting weighed, sorting out order and writing cheque !

4) She asked me to let her have my order in advance as I was buying 2 - 3 weeks worth of shakes etc at a time, however she still would not have what I had asked for and I ended up taking what she had. This really annoyed me as this is my food and I really need to have the varieties that I like not just what she had left.

5) I was unable to make it last week and texted her that morning and she never replied until the following, even if she had not gotten my text you would have thought she would have contacted me to see if anything was wrong.

I am really p****d off and don`t know what to do, I reacently found out that she did LL and not CD which I think just confirms the money making excercise. There are not a lot of cdc in my area and to change would mean travelling quite a bit.
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Have PM'd you.

I think I might have had the same counsellor and I changed.

Have a different counsellor now who is also in the city centre, PM me if you want to discuss this


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It really infuriates me when cdc s are like this,the diets hard enough without having to beg for your food and have no support or encouragement.
I once had a cdc who I only met fleetingly,she used to leave the stuff in her caravan for me to collect and I just left the money there.I used to write down on a note what I weighed that was if she asked,sometimes she used to just guess and write it on a form.I hope you get a good one now hun


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God that is so awful! You have to be happy with you cdc, as they are there to support and guide you on your journey. I am lucky with mine, always texting, phoning and my weekly weigh in is like a meet up with a friend. If she was like yours, i would of failed and would of said it was because of her, and wouldnt of wanted to go and find another one, incase they were all the same, so therefore i would of stayed obese :eek:, but please please do try and find a new cdc, because you are worth it x x x
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You could always check with the other CDCs in your area? It may be that some of them are mobile or do appointments closer to you...in a church hall etc?

Maybe you should try discussing the problems with your CDC first to see what they say?


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that must be awful! mine is fabulous, and very supportive. i had my fortnightly appt last night and after only losing 8.5lbs in a month despite being 100% ss for 3 and 810 for the other week, i was feeling pretty peed off. she totally put everything in perspective and she really is great and always there for me, despite going through some tough stuff of her own. i would have failed miserably if it wasn't for her! get yourself another one and don't waste any more of your valuable time on someone who diesn't give you what you need!


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I really think Counsellors like this should be 'struck off'. My sister once had a useless one, but I found the one we use now and she is great. I am sure if I asked her if I could pop in at midnight she'd let me!!! She is very accommodating and would even bring the packs to my house if that's what I wanted. What a shame you've got a crap Counsellor, as someone already said, this is a hard enough battle.
I said in another post Mia, I think the way forward is to just make sure that when we have a good experience with a CDC, we should tell everyone. There are some great CDC's out there, look at the ones who are always here, ready to help and advise. But as with anything there will always be people who do something to make a fast buck, and have no interest in helping people.
I have had three CDC's and two of them were really quite off with me and had me putting my coat on almost as soon as I had taken it off.
When Lelly saw me this week, she asked me stuff that had never been asked! She measured me, the first time this has ever been offered, She offered me a drink! in fact made me feel like a person!
Pammie, you have done fantastically well already, I would complain to Cambridge because ultimately it is their reputation and ultimately the reputation of every CDC that is affected by those who don't give a damn.
Good luck with finding someone more approachable!



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I too am lucky to have a wonderful CDC, so cannot even imagine how difficult this must be for you. I would say you should talk to her about it, from what you say about her, it would make no difference.

Double check there aren't anymore CDCs close to you, if there aren't, then why not start getting weight fortnightly to cut down on the travel? Or see if somebody can travel out to you maybe. I really would be tempted to report her to Cambridge, as Tilly said, at the end of the day it is their reputation that she is ruining.

Whatever your choice, good luck x


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I absolutely adore my CDC, its like I've made a really good friend. She is so encouraging and said she's not letting me go until "we've got you to where you want to be" how great is that? She is always available on the end of a phone or text, she really is a major part of my journey. xx
Good to know I am not the only one. I should have looked for a new cdc ages ago but thought that that might give me the excuse to quit, as it is I am struggling with low weight losses since the new year as I sometimes have a meal off plan and whilst I don`t put weight on,it slows the weight loss right down.
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I once had a cdc who I only met fleetingly,she used to leave the stuff in her caravan for me to collect and I just left the money there.I used to write down on a note what I weighed that was if she asked,sometimes she used to just guess and write it on a form.I hope you get a good one now hun
Oh my gosh that is shocking! I would of taken the packs and ran! haha!

My CDC is great! But I often think it's all down to the individual and their needs. I see my CDC simply to have a quick weigh in, ask questions and get my packs. im there for under 10 mins but thats all I want or need really. I did email around about 10 local people before I started, just to see what the response was and how friendly they were and who I was suited to best.

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