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Problems with the CD Sole source diet

Hi all. I have been reading the forum for a while and I thought I would ask my 1st question.

Has anyone had the following:
1) Headaches and feeling cold.
2) Feeling miserable
3) I could kill my partner!!
4) Feeling slugish
5) Bad breath.

This is my second week on SS and I drink 4 liters + a day of fluids.

On saturday (1 week after starting SS) I had a meal. That was pure heaven after not eating for a week!!

I have some keto sticks and I check the ketosis and I was in that from day 2.

I have lost 6lbs on my first week but I am finding it very hard. I am not sure I will be able to stop myself killing someone :D

Alison X
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Hi Alison,

In response to your questions:

Has anyone had the following:
1) Headaches and feeling cold.
I think many of us have headaches and feel very cold in the beginning, think the headaches is withdrawing from starch and your body getting rid of all the rubbish.

2) Feeling miserable
Only when I want to eat something lol

3) I could kill my partner!!
LOL - Only when he's eating something nice lol

4) Feeling slugish
No, feel full on energy

5) Bad breath.
When in Ketosis we all suffer from this, you could try mouthwash.

Best of luck to you.
Louale x
I'm not an expert but all these sound fairly typical of the first week or so on CD as your body goes through carb withdrawal and moves into ketosis. Feeling cold and bad breath may be with you longer term so get some breath freshner and a wooly pully! You mention that you had a meal at the end of the first week, this could have thrown you out of ketosis so you are now going through withdrawal again.. just a thought!

Hang in there it should improve.



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First of all, well done on your 6lbs off...!!:party0011::party0011::party0011:

In answer to your questions:
1) Headaches and feeling cold: i had a headache on Day 2... haven't had one since. I don't feel any colder than usual on CD either. [I am in ketosis tho according to the ketostix].
2) Feeling miserable: feeling fairly upbeat, i can now see the weight coming off, so its making me smile.
3) I could kill my partner: don't have one to kill.
4) Feeling slugish: felt like that one day last week, but it wore off by the next day.
5) Bad breath: no [or at least i don't notice it... :p]

Keep going Alison, it gets easier...!!

Jue xx

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Yes, I feel very cold, particularly in the evenings, but for me the worst part by far is the REALLY bad breath. It's a nightmare - very embarrassing, and seems to be getting worse. I guess it's something myself and my family are going to have to learn to live with for a while.:cry:
1) Headaches and feeling cold. - only once or twice in the first few days
2) Feeling miserable - Not really - probably feeling better than normal most of the time!
3) I could kill my partner!! Daren't answer that - she may read this ;)
4) Feeling slugish - been going for a walk each lunchtime and trying to stay actve (easier after the first week)
5) Bad breath. - like yvonne, not that I've been aware of - I do try and drink at least 4L water

Most side effects have been good - less weight and new clothes (only cheap ones till the goal weight!).


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I feel miserable sometimes.

Take today for instance, my boyfriend is away on holiday, I have visited everyone and have no comforts to lean on - I would normally make myself a nice big bowl of comforting pasta and have a cup of tea and an ice cream or something but can't do any of that and I actually got quite depressed earlier on as I felt really lost.

But then at other times you feel on top of the world - it just depends what you are focussing your mind on!

Bad breath - yup - I got some retardex mouth spray from boots that is good to cover it up.

Killing your partner - yes - this is normal you get days where you just have no patience - I was in Tescos on my lunch break and I was chatting to him and I said look I just have not got the patience to talk to you at the moment! I went back to work and had my "fix" (shake) and rang him back and was fine - haha!

Cold - this is good cos it means you are in ketosis!!!

Slugish is the only one I cant agree with as this diet gives me so much energy and I actually need less sleep, maybe this is to do with you feeling miserable?

I hope that helps, good luck with your journey, its a rollercoaster of emotions so nothing is normal/abnormal!

Thank you all , your answers have helped me a lot and i am glad i found this site .although i had a meal last night i have tested myself and still in keytosis. you have all given me the will to carry on x
HI ,just to let you all know i have a woke up a different person than what i have felt for days ,full of beans rearing to go lol headache is still there but not as bad so i can cope with this diet i know i will get these 20lbs off my body ali x


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Glad to hear you seem to be feeling better. Just a thought but if you are still getting headaches maybe you need to drink more water. I feel at my best when I have 4-5litres a day.


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